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23.06.2016, 17:11

Hi everyone,

If you are interested in being a forum moderator and in-game admin, please leave a comment in this thread. Although this is a voluntary position, we compensate all volunteers with Gold every month.
The information required is as follows...

1. In-game Username
2. Location
3. Email Address
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Vostok Games
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24.06.2016, 00:01

Hello, I am definitely interested in this position on your site and also in game.

1. Brightness
2. Slovakia, Bratislava
3. My public e-mail:, can give out a business e-mail on further discussions.

I am looking forward to our conversation and a plan.
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24.06.2016, 17:16

1. PlzJustDie5
2. Latvia
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24.06.2016, 20:43

1. CheaptrixOnTwitch
2. Canada

I love to help the Survarium community the best I can and already take part in catching cheaters.
I have a very solid amount of game knowledge and experience with forums. Over 3 years of experience with Survarium and its forum/members.
I have moderator experience from elsewhere. I was Lead Forum Admin and Head Mod for a small scale World of Warcraft private server.

Active every single day on the forums. :)
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30.06.2016, 10:44

Hello, Joe, I'm interested, I'm chinese, and there are many players of this game in China. I love this game as I love STALKER series.

1.Game ID:Angel_L1ke
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06.07.2016, 07:58

Hi I'm very interested .
2:Uruguay,South America
I can speak Spanish and English.
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06.07.2016, 10:23

Yeah, since i stay in game alot and i lurk in forum each day why not try being mod and actualy do something usefull? I might not be best mod but well i will try communicate and do stuff to make this forum more clear and peacefull. I might ask edgy questions but isnt it what clever player should do :D?

1. doktorek
2. Poland
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09.07.2016, 12:29

Hello :D
I would like to be an In-Game Admin of Survarium :D I really love this game and I loved the updates, I would love to help. It was one of my dream to be a Survarium Admin. As I said, I want to help and I really hope you will give me a chance to be one of the admins :D I had a long break, but I will be able to do it :D

1. Romander
2. Poland

For more information, you can write to me In-Game or on E-Mail :)
I really hope you will give me a chance!
Best Regards,
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12.07.2016, 12:16

I would love to be an admin, I am in game every day.

1. njc123
2. UK
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24.08.2016, 09:18

hi joe, VG,

I would like to be admin in the game or on the forum or on Facebook, why not!

1. Babiche_DZA
2. Algeria

speak: french, Arabic, moderately english
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30.08.2016, 12:04

1. Harsh Winter
2. Ukraine

Harsh Winter
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05.09.2016, 00:24

1. Ingame Name: _Crypsis

2. Location: The Netherlands

3. Email-address:


I would love to help and improve the game, come up with some idea's, and help people out with their problems/questions.

As I always tell people: You can never ask too much.


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30.09.2016, 10:45

I would like to apply for this position
1. Ingame Name: DVC

2. Location: Hanoi,Vietnam

I can speak French,Vietnamese and English,moderately Spain
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07.10.2016, 03:24

- Midori Fuse
- Slovakia

I have experiences with moderation from other games/forums.
I speak Slovak,Czech,English language and also understand Polish and Deutsch.

I do not always agree with decisions made with this game but I still love it and believe in brighter future.To keep forum/game clean would be privilege for me.I do not want anything in return you can keep gold for better use ;^)
I also would like to moderate Steam page if that position is avaible too.
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Midori Fuse
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15.10.2016, 21:04


- Flexeee

- England, Birmingham


Very active player and been playing ''suvarium'' since beta. :)
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17.10.2016, 13:54

1. In-game Username - KingSniper1001
2. Location - EAST COAST USA
3. Email Address - samuelr161[at]gmail[dot]com

I would love to moderate the forums and in game. I have been playing this game more and would love to help improve the community.
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19.10.2016, 10:47

1. In-game Username : Kaikina
2. Location : France
3. Email Address :

I'm really involved, I love this game ! I'm already the administrator of the facebook page "Survarium France" where I translate every news in french, and the facebook community group "Survarium FR". Also, I already moderated some game forums with 10000+ members.
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10.11.2016, 23:12

1. Xander6477
2. Poland

I felt like I had to write something to fit in with everyone else so yea.
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18.11.2016, 10:40

1- cheki breki
2- Turkey

well.. if trump become president ,i think; i can be good moderator too
so why not ?
davik heragon in memories :./
im here because there is no mod like davik anymore .. rest in red hot chili peppers davik :(
and here not great as in old times


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cheki breki
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28.11.2016, 16:10


1: In-game name is ToXiCTeRaN, same as profile.

2: England (German-English Stock)


The game is great, even though it does have it's moments of glitchiness or bugs. But I would love to provide assistance in any way to help create a better future for Survarium, hit me up with questions if you need too.
Best if I said something like everyone else did.
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