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08.10.2015, 16:24

Creating interesting artistic images is one of the main objectives in the development of Survarium. It is important that characters are designed in accordance with the concept of the game and fit harmoniously in the lobby and in the game world.

What draws the attention of the artist while working on characters? How does he see female characters fitting into the game? What tasks does he perform for the next game mode? Find out all this and more in our interview with Anatoly Didok, Vostok Games 3D Artist.

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How did you become a 3D artist?

Being an artist I realized that PCs helps in performing art-related tasks. I started using Photoshop. I was amazed how easy and fast it was to change the composition of an image, its color and graphics. A lot of things traditional painting achieves through lengthy searching and lots of sketches. In Photoshop it is all implemented in a matter of minutes.

Later I mastered other 3D programs, where creativity can be implemented even more widely, using scope, light and perspective. Over time, I mastered all of the basic programs for three-dimensional modeling, sculpting and texturing.

What tasks do you perform for Survarium?

The main objective is to create game characters in accordance with the general concept of the game. I'm also working on creating materials for advertising and perform quality control when working with freelancers.

Lots of fans really like Survarium’s characters. How long does it take to create a character?

I’ve spent different amounts of time for each character, as the development of characters increases. For example, for a character with full gear I work for up to a fortnight.

Is there enough freedom to work on the images as 3D artist at Vostok Games?

Character creation is a collective work. A sketch artist, modeler and animator are also involved. So the initial image of the character in process is adjusted, but not significantly. With all this there are elements of self-expression. For example, to me it is important for the silhouette of the character to look good from different angles. Also I think it is also important to give expression to parts of different materials.

What are the most challenging and interesting problems you have had to solve in Survarium?

Every character is made of many pieces. Therefore, each item of equipment should match the others. With that in mind, it is important to consider the specifics of the animation.

Also it was interesting to work on The Motherland Calls and the Hall of Military Glory in Mamayev Kurgan. I have already spoken on this topic a month ago. One of the most interesting future tasks, I think, will be the creation of characters’ faces with animations.

One of the most interesting future tasks, I think, will be the creation of characters’ faces with animations.

Whose idea was it to add the faces of the developers to Survarium? Are you satisfied with the results? By the way, some are often wondering why you haven't added the faces of Ruslan Didenko and Oleg Yavorsky?

The idea of adding the faces of the developers to the game was a collective decision. But I was given a choice over the types of people to include. As shown by the last statistics, we were not mistaken in this. The players liked that the characters of the game were not abstract images, and people whom you can meet in your everyday life.

Regarding adding Ruslan and Oleg, I will say in jest that negotiations with the license owners are ongoing. Maybe someday players will see their images in the game.

By the way, to rate the faces you can have a look the pictures below. The first is the work of my colleague Nicholas Barre, and the second one is mine.

Many fans expect to see female characters in Survarium. How do you think women should look like in Survarium? What is your personal opinion?

I think that bringing female characters in video games is one of the most interesting topics. Therefore, their creation should be approached very seriously. Individuality of their image must be present. Also do not forget about femininity. But you can’t expect to see the girls in short skirts and with low necklines, this is the post-apocalypse, after all! But tattoos and scars will be present, if they fit the image, of course.

When do we get to see female characters in the game? Good question! We would like to please the players as soon as possible. However, together with characters, it is necessary to work on equipment. Female characters should not wear the same men's equipment! So it's not a quick process. But we promise to try and do it as soon as we can.

What tasks do you perform for the next game mode?

One of the challenges of the future mode is to add mutants. Concept development is taking place right now. To create the impressive images of mutants and not to cross the border from scary to funny, that's our creative challenge. By the way, progress on this is something we plan to show soon.
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Vostok Games
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08.10.2015, 17:22

Very cool! The character and equipment animations have impressed me thus far; clearly much thought and time went into them.

Looking forward to the mutants, and not just their appearance and animations, but also their behaviors. :)
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08.10.2015, 17:22

Nice Interview, thx for that. While there are many nice things said, one thing sticks out for me: Progress on the Mutants!
I am realy excited to see those news!
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08.10.2015, 18:16

I love the interviews! Keep them coming.
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08.10.2015, 19:34

Next will be Interview about attachments? :)
joke... of course not lol
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08.10.2015, 21:22

Very nice, keep up the good work.
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jk mao
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08.10.2015, 21:38

I do like that you guys understand that the essential nature of making sure the characters look like "survivors"; its very important to the artistic cohesion and therefor the atmosphere and immersion of the game.

Now to rid the discoballs
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08.10.2015, 21:51

Mutants are already in the game, sometimes they even end up on the ban list.
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08.10.2015, 22:04

Shrekr:Mutants are already in the game, sometimes they even end up on the ban list.

So deep :o
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08.10.2015, 23:55

Awesome to see. Great job art team!
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09.10.2015, 03:18

Man, mutants are in concept phase? Guess we'll be hearing Freeplay delayed to 2016/2017/2018?
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09.10.2015, 05:45

Great interview, though a bit short. The last picture is badass! I'm glad to hear that the female characters will be more realistic and wearing armor just like the male characters, instead of running around half naked with ass/tits hanging out (as if that kevlar bikini top will somehow protect them from bullets) like in most games.
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The 3D art is really cool, but need to be accompanied with better animation. I would like this game use frostbite 3.. on the other hand you has nerfed you own graphic engine.
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09.10.2015, 11:06

mr skeltal:Man, mutants are in concept phase? Guess we'll be hearing Freeplay delayed to 2016/2017/2018?

I doubt it; i am no optimist by any definition of the word, but i think once VG gets freeplay to "work", even with absolute minimal diversity in enemies, they will send it out as appeasement politics
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10.10.2015, 16:48

Nice interview and awesome art! Looking forward to future faces. Mainly more beards and longer hair.
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