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08.08.2015, 18:27

Worst comment ever made, I face-desked until I forgot how to speak English.

Maybe it's not perfect but actually "readable".
Deleted the game too. Bored of CoD titles.
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08.08.2015, 19:08

Андрияш Козловский:Survarium 0.30 is now live!

No its not...its dead to me for now.
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08.08.2015, 19:41

deusex2:Well, I'd love to leave my feedback regarding live version of 0.30, even though it's the same buggy mess from PTS...Problem is-IT'S THE SAME BUGGY MESS FROM PTS!!!

The first match I've tried to play-crash during loading screen, every single time... YEY.

EDIT1: Second match in a row and guess what? I STILL CAN'T PLAY! THE GAME CRASHES EVERY TIME I START PLAYING!!!

hedasker:First match. Some k/d. Crash. Relaunch game, return to match -> crash. Again and again. Can't play. Please fix it.
Same here. Everything worked well till I got matched up and the game crashed on map loading screen. I tried to re-enter several times, but client kept on crashing all the time till it somehow managed to disable Aero desktop and whole system hanged, forcing me to hard reset the PC. Things like these shouldn't happen at all.

Changes aside, I know this is a BETA and everyone anticipated 0.30 for quite a time, but for the love of gods - that's why PTS are for - to fix all the game breaking bugs and test the version enough to ensure there are none left.

I'd love to continue playing, but with this I'll have to drop Survarium for now and believe the most serious issues will get fixed by the time I return. Hopefully.
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08.08.2015, 22:03

IM CRASHING 24/7 wasted 100+ euros on guns and premium. Lesson learned - never support SNG devs with money
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09.08.2015, 01:28

ayevilkas:To start off,

You nerfed SVD, the sniper that already was weaker than SV, to become more weak. Why?
SVD is lvl 7... and does less damage than SV that is lvl 6.
Also now, sniping will change completely as you can aim faster, and strafe while aiming to line up shots.
''I'd like to welcome you all to the quick scope era of Survarium. Forever remember 0.30 and R.I.P. slow aiming/sniping.'' -ayevilkas
I heavily rely on snipers in this game just because it's fun to try and not die even once in the match.
I'm not happy with sniper nerfs, and the whole thing where the gun moves side to side like a weiner.

So, after some fiddling around here's the conclusion:

1. Snipers are crap now, you might find 1 in the match, scope sway is literally like you're standing on a boat trying to snipe a penguin at south pole in the middle of a stormy sea.
2. Akm buff, gun was op before, now its better with more dmg , thanks :D
3. Matchmaking is broken, was bad before, worse now, ping is sky high, goodluck playing an owl' match with friends.
4. That bug you get, when you get put in match and don't spawn, thanks for that too.
5. That bugtrap you get every time you join a match when not in fullscreen mode.
6. Made aiming easy for almost all weps except socom, ''let's make the reticle gigantic so you cant see what you're shooting at with a marksman rifle''

0.30 was a true downgrade for Survarium. What was once a nice playable game is now Titanic's iceberg.
I'll retry this game once 0.31 comes out, unless Vostok keeps their rep up and downgrade the game again, that is.
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09.08.2015, 09:20

vg brutally nerfed the kriss but P90 and SR-M3 are still OP. The sponge now instead of ending becomes invisible and continues to kill ... a lovable bug ... please fix it ... and buf remington 700 is useless maybe move it to rank 6 or 7
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09.08.2015, 10:01

Also missions aren't updating, don't get any rewards.
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09.08.2015, 10:02

Miumin07:Also missions aren't updating, don't get any rewards.

You don't deserve any.
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09.08.2015, 13:37

i hope for hotfix
black screen
crash every game

in 0.31

LOWER MOVEMENT SPEED ( for players - u can buff it in skill tree +5% )
NERF AIMING TIME ( aswell players can buff it in skill tree )
NERF RELOAD SPEED for hi-tier weapons i mean bif ones ( all LMGs , BARRET , VYCHLOP , )

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09.08.2015, 15:30

F O O L:Najgorsze łatka coraz maded. Usunąłem grę, ponieważ poprawka 0.30 zniszczyć ten piękny mecz. najgorsza Łatka zrobić Tej gry. Tej gry zniszczyła Potencjał i dlatego usunąłem TA GRE

Sorry for my rage text ;), when i finally get sniper rifle, VG nerf it ;-;

Again sorry stalkers ;)
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09.08.2015, 21:33

I guess im done with this game untill its more stable.
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10.08.2015, 05:10

The Name of the seventh rank of The Fringe Settlers changed to "Sorcerer", the name of the eighth to "Master"



Survarium 0.30 introducing game breaking mechanics one patch at a time.
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13.08.2015, 15:39

Starting at 11:00 GMT+3 tomorrow (August 14, 2015) the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.30b. The expected downtime is about one hour. We will let you know as soon as the servers are back online, so you are able play the game. As usual, players with boosters and premium accounts affected by the downtime will be compensated for the length of maintenance.

Please find the complete list of changes in Survarium 0.30b below.


Changed vegetation and lighting on Vector Laboratory

Equipment and weapons

Fixed quantity of modifiers for IZH-27 Lancaster (Steam version)
Fixed bug causing Light vest to change to Chemical Protection Jacket

Bug fixes

Fixed reload delay for all automatic weapons.
Fixed an issue in matchmaking that caused players to enter game modes they didn't choose
Fixed a bug that caused a black screen to appear after loading a level
Fixed a situation when loading screen wasn't displayed
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when using the "Sponge" artifact
Fixed positioning of the camera in spectator mode
Fixed an issue that caused inability to sprint after attempting to shoot twice with Barrett M82
Fixed use of premium consumables (they were not consumed if auto-refill was turned off)
Fixed game crash in "What's New" window in French and Spanish localizations

Read about Survarium 0.30a in case you missed it.

See you in Survarium 0.30b tomorrow!

Read the news on the site
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13.08.2015, 16:31

What about constant crashes which many people experience?
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13.08.2015, 16:44

Андрияш Козловский:Starting at 11:00 GMT+3 tomorrow (August 14, 2015) the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.30b.

It`s good that you`re taking the time to fix the mess that 0.30 caused. Now if you would also do something about the incessant crashes and crappy optimization, we could talk...
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13.08.2015, 20:26

optimisation ?
Iam running on 1920x1080 HIGH TEXTURE , and some objects/textures are smudgy.
I send here screen nextime.
I do not know whether the error is on my side :(
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13.08.2015, 20:45

How about updating the game modes so only kills really matter in TDM for personal scores, that way people stick to completing the objectives in the other modes instead of going on a rampage?
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13.08.2015, 20:48

I don´t want to sound sceptical, but new hotfix can be quite a mess and uploading it just before the weekend..

Stiny na dusi
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13.08.2015, 20:57

Kolemjdouci:I don´t want to sound sceptical, but new hotfix can be quite a mess and uploading it just before the weekend..

Don't worry, we're talking about VG here. Oh wait ...
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13.08.2015, 21:02

Nice to see we're getting patch notes ahead of the patch :o
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