Developers Respond to Your Feedback & Suggestions (Part 2)

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10.07.2019, 09:31

Welcome to the second part of our Developer Q&A feature. Here you will find more insight into the developer's opinions on your feedback and perhaps even inspire you to come up with new suggestions and/or questions. Enjoy the read and please, keep interacting with us! We appreciate your input!

Q: There is one car in the entire game that emits radiation and it's located on Rudnya, near the bus stop. Why other cars on other maps do not do this?

A: Well that’s natural - some cars can simply be not-contaminated.

Q: There is a lot of grass on Mamayev and it's pretty tall, the visibility because of it is pretty poor and it makes people camp because the characters blend with the environment pretty well. Someone who sits in the grass with magnifying scopes can see you easily but you can't see him and even knowing where you died from it's hard to find the enemy the next time you go there... Can this be altered in any way in terms of balance? When the grass was shorter and green in the past, the visibility was much better and there were not that many campers, especially in modes like Team Deathmatch. Is this by design and intended?

A: Indeed, certain location have problem of displaying and detecting the players against background objects on the map. That’s why we are updating objects textures, so it’d be easier to detect a player.

Q: Be able to use your own mines/sensors/boxes/totems later on when you remove them with E. Right now they disappear after you disable them and you need to resupply or to respawn.

A: Could be a good idea to consider. For instance, for cases when you have picked up your own supply.

Q: It is not displayed anywhere that equipping the same decal 4 times doesn't stack (that is, it only gives the bonus once, not 4 times) and the same happens with camouflages. One can only figure this out by doing manual calculations of "equipment bonus" at the end-match results screen or if someone else who did these calculations told him. So players equip 2 or 4 identical decals and 2 identical camos and then wonder why their reputation/exp/silver gain is so low, for example in events where you need to farm/grind a lot. It should be displayed somewhere that the bonuses of decals do not stack, and camos should stack because it makes sense to use the same camo for pants and chest armor.

A: Didn’t think it’s a problem for the players, if it is - we could display that bonuses of similar decals/camos do not stack up.

Q: There are red, green, blue and more color laser-sights in real life, but in Survarium we only have the red one. How about we get the option to change its color with higher rarities just like we get more collimator dot color options with uncommon rarities?

A: Will think about this idea.

Q: "weapons with different skins sounds great, but it’s a gigantic task to implement." So are you thinking about it/working on it/it's not a priority/or the idea is entirely abandoned? This answer was very vague.

A: Redesigning the system of same weapons with different skins into the system of ‘one weapon - many skins’ is something we are considering internally.

Q: Another question was about how spawn protection can confuse some players and specifies if a TIP on loading screen can be implemented. The answer is vague and doesn't answer the main point of the question.

A: The main risk with redesigning the system of tips would be very fast match loading times of the players - the functionality may well turn useless.

Q: Treasure Hunt rewards are pretty dull. It doesn't make sense to lose a hardly earned stash map or 100 gold to get 1,000 Silver. Boosters are fine because it's not easy to get them, but you get way more than 1,000 Silver in a single match. What I mean with this, is that it's not equivalent, the reward is not great for spending a Stash map.

A: The reward in Treasure Hunt depends on your level - the higher the level, the more the player receives. We will consider increasing the rewards on initial levels though.

Q: If the unit (in Research mode) is in a <100% secured> state and someone tries to neutralize it (has to reach 0%) but I kill him before he succeeds, I will get no points for spending up to 15 seconds just standing there to secure the unit to 100% again. You could say that we get +5 points for invade kill and you would be right, but if I make the kill and someone else secures the flag to <100% secured> state, he'll get 0 points and vice-versa. Here is a clip of this issue so you can better understand what I mean:

A: In this case the points are not given as the player hasn’t neutralized the spot, by killing the enemy, the only incentive to fill up the capture scale is for the enemy to spend more time to neutralize this spot next time. We will think about reviewing this system to add more motivation for finishing the capture of the spot.

Q: What do you think about random spawns in Team Deathmatch instead of always spawning in the base? Wouldn't this be an easy solution to the base-rape that A LOT of people complain about or do you think that the base-rape issue not really an issue?

A: We have random player respawn on the base implemented. The base is a fairly large area. Also, if the enemy is on one part of the base, the player would respawn as far from that enemy as possible (as long as the respawn points are available).

Q: Weapons should have some inaccuracy while falling down, it makes no sense to be perfectly accurate in the air. Games like CS:GO do have this kind of penalty.

A: Possibly worth considering. Don’t forget though, shooting works a bit differently in CS: GO (headshot kills with one shot, taps dominating over pressing etc).

Q: Weapons should also have some kind of inertia or at least slower aiming time that wouldn't allow to shoot with perfect accuracy and precision instantly after sprinting.

A: Will need to think about such mechanics, perhaps this won’t get too much of negative feedback with the community. Worth running a poll in the community.
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11.07.2019, 20:04

I would kindly ask to keep the grass as it is, camouflaging. Otherwise, open maps with little concealment like Mamayev, Rudnaya etc. would be unplayable because of campers and suppressive fire coming from all directions simultaneously.

Furthermore, not everyone is crazy rusher in bright red armor with bot-like reflexes. The more tactical alternative is exactly sneak attacks while crouching, using tall grass and shadows (call it "Solid snake" or "Ghost recon" if you want). That is my preffered tactics, and I buy armor and camo patterns to mask be as good as possible.

Rushers have several "corridored" maps to their liking, where camo doesnt work and rushers prevail - like School and Fort.
So I'd say it's only fair for players preffering different tactics to have "their" maps as well.
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16.07.2019, 02:32

Q: Weapons should also have some kind of inertia or at least slower aiming time that wouldn't allow to shoot with perfect accuracy and precision instantly after sprinting

And the amount of this inertia must be tied with the type (or lets say category) of weapon, otherwise is would be pointless. Heavy weapons with long barrels like sniper rifles and big bulky shotguns and maybe machine guns must have a considerably bigger movement inertia than say SMG's, pistols and such. Implementing this also gives a possibility to add another very useful parameter to all weapons specs - this can be used for upgrading and fine-tuning similarly like aiming time for example. Main thing is that players should NEVER be able to fine-tune a big sniper rifle to move its sight around (accurately without any inertia) just as fast as a light, short gun.

Q: Be able to use your own mines/sensors/boxes/totems later on when you remove them with E. Right now they disappear after you disable them and you need to resupply or to respawn

In connection to this one, there is one thing that in my opinion is quite unfair/unbalanced in the game. Sensors have a certain amount of time that they work. Supply boxes and totems the same. And this time is quite short which is basically ok. All the mines, traps and whatever planted explosives should really have the same kind of "supply time" after which they either simply disappear both visually and functionally or at least deactivate with a clear visual cue (for example little smoke coming out or something). I'm not saying a mine or some bomb should be active for 30 seconds, but it most definitely should NOT be active for the whole match. A minute at most.

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