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27.06.2019, 17:21

Today we bring you a new round of questions, suggestions and answers with our development team. This is just the first of what will be a multi-post series. We truly value all the feedback you share with us and although at times responses can be slow (We're super busy on a 7 day a week basis) we do our best to liaise with our player-base via our community managers and PR team. We hope you enjoy the feature and please keep sharing your feedback with us. We DO read it.


Q: In-game profiles could display auxiliary equipment (grenades, sensors, med-kits) in addition to main and side weapons during the round start countdown or when dead. I'm testing various
equipment and strategies and sometimes it would be nice to see what exactly I fitted the profile with. Maybe you think one should be able to remember what they fitted, but I don't. (should I make a doctor appointment?)

A: Displaying auxiliary equipment could actually be a good idea. The key goal would be to display those in a way not to overload the user interface.

Q: Mounting/unmounting weapon mods on the go, during game. Being able to fit/unfit a silencer or scope to a rifle. A menu like in Crysis would be enough, maybe could be done in your base or at the ammo crates, wouldn't necessarily require a "mounting" animation.

A: Mounting/unmounting weapon modifications and modules on the go is a tough task to do, it would make sense to rather spend time on other more important tasks. And don’t forget the game provides for several in-game profiles, that partially solves the current task.

Q: Maybe give low tier equipment T1-3 some definite bonus over T4-5 so that beginner players will have at least some advantage against higher tiers and will also give some incentive to high tier players to actually play with lower tier gear. I don't know, something like all T1-3 armor sets to be undetectable by radar by default. Little things that aren't game breaking but add a bit of "resilience" to the user.

A: At the time the player is motivated to put on higher-tier gear as it provides more set bonuses. The difference between T1 and T5 is not as striking as it used to be when we had a ‘stiff’ distribution of MM by levels.

Q: An auction house was planned at the beginning, but was cancelled. Can the players at least get the possibility to trade modules with other people who don't have them yet because the system is very random?

A: At the moment we are considering the improvements to the modules system and reduction of randomness of drop for the modules the players need.

Q: Would be nice if pistols had more than 50 ammo in total, as this amount cannot be increased in any way (not even with "ammo bags +1" or with passive skills). this would be especially useful for automatic pistols like APS and Glock-17 Auto.

A: Currently I believe the number of bullets for pistols is sufficient. Nevertheless, we will continue to analyze this aspect and if need be, provide extras, just the way we did for carbines, sniper rifles and machine guns in one of the spring updates.

Q: It would be interesting if you could sell the artifacts you have in your container(s) when the match ends. Not for a huge amount but like 500-800 silver a piece. There wouldn't have to be a menu nor anything for this, it would add a bonus to gained Silver at match-end and that's all.

A: This idea is not new. If there’s a lot of interest in it among the players, we’ll do our best to try it out in-game.

Q: Top 100 rewards in League. I'd like to see 5 Token for each star above Rank 1. So for example: at some point in the April 2019 League, Wizi (top1 player) had around 120 stars above Rank 1, he would deserve an extra 600 tokens for that.

A: Good idea. We will try it in one of the game updates.

Q: “Click” sound when there are no bullets left in the magazine. The game is missing the typical empty mag sound indicating that nothing is left and that I should go to the ammo box. The game could also warn you when you're about to empty your magazine (2-3 bullets left for automatic weapons, 1 for sniper rifles, 1-2 for pistols), such features can be found in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive where the sound changes and there's a remaining bullets animation that turns red.

A: Once you have an empty clip in the game, the click will cause automatic reload. As for displaying the ‘almost empty’ weapon - good idea.

Q: Join a PVE match that has already started. There should be a feature that allows you to find a third person while yet in game, for example an option to "make room public for nearby players". If a player leaves or disconnects, the team should be filled up again. Maybe useful in PvP as well, the late joining Player should get no penalties for Silver, Rep and Exp.

A: Adding up players to a match already started is a tough task. Maybe we’ll try it in future, but no promises.

Q: Increase TDM score on Vostok Radar from 100 to 150. The map is big and the matches usually end with 5-7 minutes left. Similarly, the one on Cologne should be reduced from 150 to 100, as on that map you almost never reach the required number of tickets to win by score, and so the match ends because the time runs out.

A: That’s worth trying.

Q: Add a Slaughter version on Rudnya. The Spawns may be a little closer and the swamp & church would be cut off. This version would have just the buildings that are near A/Bs flag area and could have some kind of fence/wall to block everything else off (swamp, church, hill house, bus stop, respawn buildings and the 3 buildings near one of the bases).

A: We tried to implement Slaughter on Rudnya already. The result turned out below satisfying. Maybe we should give it another try.

Q: Smoke grenades should have details shown in your inventory, how much time they are active and what the Action radius is, like other supplies.

A: Will think about implementing such a display.

Q: The decal you get for reaching Level 100 should obviously not give exp, but silver, parts or Reputation.

A: Looks like a bug definitely. Will be fixed.

Q: After a match of Search & Destroy mode, when you are dead, you should be able to type to [All] (it's limited to Team currently) to say ggwp (good game, well played) to the opponent team. Also, it's pretty funny that when the match ends, the radio message says "don't give up" as if there would be one more round after that.

A: Will consider implementing, however to me there’s not much sense in that. As for the ‘don’t give up’ phrase, we have several for the round ending, for the sake of variety. Possibly we should playback only one phrase at the match end (not the round), for the sake of making it clear to the players. But the ‘don’t give up’ phrase should also motivate the player to keep up the spirit when losing a match, and to start the next one and win it.

Q: An automatic voice command for your team, that your character would shout to tell them when you throw a grenade or smoke. There are icons for this, but it's much easier and faster in battle to understand what's being thrown before it explodes if the teammate shouts it. "Grenade!" or "Smoke!" would be enough.

A: Sounds reasonable. Will consider implementation.

Q: An option to remove white triangles over teammates heads. There are situations where this can be confusing because the enemy is in the same line on my screen as a teammate (so the teammate is standing behind him and it can appear that the enemy is the teammate). Or some kind of system that could hide these white doritos if they're not in my line of sight (behind walls, behind enemies, etc.).

A: Agreed, the teammates indication is weakly displayed right now. We are considering the best way to display the allies in a better/clearer way.

Q: Allow us to increase Daily Quests difficulty to get better rewards. Just 30-50 spare parts, 3000 Silver or 1500 reputation is very low at high levels for 3 completed daily missions.

A: We might increase the players’ reward for accomplishing daily tasks, to increase players’ motivation.

So, that's the end of Part 1. We will publish Part 2 in the near future. For now we hope you keep playing the game, keep sharing your impressions, ideas, bug reports and feedback with us and most importantly HAVE FUN!

The Survarium Team
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