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27.05.2019, 17:28

We have updated the Public Test Server to Survarium version 0.59c x64! To participate in the test, please download and install new game version. Please note that the temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered in Survarium no later than May 25, 2019. In case you registered via Steam, please follow this instruction to participate in the PTS.
All testers receive 10 thousand spare parts, 10 million silver, and 10 thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. Characters and progress in the main game as of May 25, 2019 were copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way to receive payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Read find the update notes of Survarium PTS 0.59c x64 below. Please note that those are not final and The public server will receive version improved based on the results of the testing! See you on the PTS!

Attention! When installing PTS 0.59c you might get a message that your RAM doesn't meet minimal system requirements. This is a bug and it will be fixed in public version. Please disregard in the PTS, press "OK" and restart Survarium launcher.

The Complete List of Changes in the PTS 0.59c x64
General Changes

- Survarium game client and game launcher are now using 64 bit architecture. Please let us know on forums or via a support ticket if you have issues when installing or launching the game.
- Introduced new skill tree: Survival.
- Due to the Renaissance Army winning the last game event, prices on all weapons and equipment of the faction are temporarily reduced by 50%. Prices on the equipment of other factions are temporarily reduced by 25%.
- Improved melee attack. Now you don't have to aim to kill an enemy in melee, and when landing a blow, your character will slightly turn so the enemy is closer to the center of the screen, and the blow itself looks more natural.
- Now the supply is added into the pocket with one LMB click (you had to double-click before).


- Winchester 1894: armor piercing increased from 16 to 30, effective distance reduced from 120 to 110 meters.
- AKMSU: changed the positions of incorrectly placed modules.


- Medkits' icons were updated.
- While placing a supply, it now changes its color to red or green. The color depends on whether it's possible to place the supply at the chosen spot. After being placed, supplies are displayed as usual.
- "AI-2 Medkit" was renamed to "Scavengers Medkit".
- Due to the introduction of the new skill tree the amount of HP medkits recover was changed.
Scavengers Medkit: 50.
The Renaissance Army Medkit: 45.
The Fringe Settlers Medkit: 75.
Black Market Medkit: 40.


- Vostok Radar Station: "Slaughter" game mode now has a new map variation with overcast weather.
- Tarakanowsky Fort: fixed several spots where it was possible to look through the objects. Previously idle bot in "Research" game mode now behaves himself as intended.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with SSR when it was possible to see objects and characters in smoke.
- Fixed an issue with SSR when visual artifacts appeared if resolution scale was higher than 100%.
- Fixed an issue when players could not reconnect into a match with "Loading data" message and had to wait until the match is over.
- Fixed an issue causing metal Rabitz fence to block bullets.
- Fixed an issue causing the game client to crash when picking up an artefact with an anomaly capacitor.
- Fixed an issue causing the game client to crash when first loading into a team mission.
- Improved various texts in French localization.
- Fixed incorrectly displayed nicknames of the invited players in "Clans" tab.
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Reason: Winchester 1894 distance was reduced to 110, not to 100 (English patch notes were wrong)

Survarium DevTeam
Vostok Games
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28.05.2019, 05:35

New client is fine. Game looks much better and new weather on Radar looks cool. Can't wait to see this weather variant on normal Vostok Radar map. I noticed only one graphic bug - incorrect shadows on Kurhan Mamayev in some places.
New skilltree is ok, but.. nothing special (except Medic perk, I like it). Is there any reward for helping team with my own medkits??
Melee attack is ok, but I suggest to turn off this new mechanism against teammates.
New medkits have new icons, so now it's even more important to repair animation bug for them. There are medic pistols on pictures, so animation should be similar to injection, not to bandaging.
Btw perk with additional pocket for medkits not work for me.

It looks like it will be one of the coolest patches recently.
So what now? Maybe new shadows in London?
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28.05.2019, 14:51

- when you exit the PTS and try login on Main-servers again, you can not move the mouse,
and have to restart PC. It was the case for atleast me and a friend.

- rewards for hard pve are still bugged and t4 premium only, please fix allready

- new melee i think does finally fix the problem when you tried to press the Button,
but you got no animation at all. But somehow it looks unnatural like aimbotting.

- Radar weather looks nice, apreciated on any maps.

- to new tree:

1: slowdown after injuries in second tree 25% equals resistance against stopping power 25% in 5th tree i guess?

2: totem restoration needs to work both ways, for yourself and friendly totems,
otherwise those 5 skillpoints are wasted, if you dont plan to use either painkillers or totem. please change it.
Should be like this "Totems you or your teammates place heal by additional +#hp/s."

3: -10% usage time of bandages means "activation time" or "duration"? Please use one of those allready used wordings to clarify.

4: "medic" and if someone picks one up and gets healed you get 0score, intended or fix? I guess 5score are worth healing, like totem allready has.

5: "supply pocket" if you allready have 5pocket and 7 capacity i guess its useless then, maybe change to be allowed to "overcap" it

6: "adrenalin" if you allready have high movement speed, abote 6.4, you don't feel profiting of that Perk anymore, maybe make it possible to "overcap" that too

7: "supply pocket" you should be able to use a pistol and not have the pockets then, even if you have skilled that point, to use different profiles in game. please change that. Right now you are not able to equip a pistol at alll with that skill.

8: "unbroken", things like "mobility" in 2nd tree, "adrenalin" and speed-artifact should work together, to make you crouch faster with broken legs. im not sure if it does.

as for now, im happy, thank you


- anomalys on CnPP. please.
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28.05.2019, 15:43

The survival skill tree adds a nice depth into the game. Especially now that all the skill trees have been finished it's more important to come up with a good combination and balance. Even though I feel like that the survival skill tree is a little bit underwhelming and i'm not sure if it's worth putting points into. Will see this in the future anyway. Still problems with launching the game. Melee is fine. Overall good update!
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28.05.2019, 18:08

OneThreeOneTwo wrote:- new melee i think does finally fix the problem when you tried to press the Button,
but you got no animation at all. But somehow it looks unnatural like aimbotting.

I was told that this will be improved.

OneThreeOneTwo wrote:3: -10% usage time of bandages means "activation time" or "duration"? Please use one of those allready used wordings to clarify.

This string's description has been changed to "Activation time of first-aid kits and bandages:" (used to be "usage time").
Activation time in this case = time before the item starts healing
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29.05.2019, 02:08

/ Hi everyone, this is my feedback on the patch:

-I really like the new talents, creative and helpful ideas were put into it.

-Game looks better for me especially the decals, with the same graphic options. I am really glad about that.

-The thing I disliked is the change in medkit icons, not that they look bad, But I really like the old ones and I think they fit more with the rest.

-I really like that now, when we place an item it's see through and red/green. (Depends on placment availability)

-Meele is really good now. (In the past, sometimes it really got ridiculous before. When me and the enemy missed 3 times each and then some of us could finally hit a blow, meanwhile none of us moved a cm. So I have to agree it was an important change.) I tried how far can I be to still hit the target, in distance and in camera turn. The camera turn is really good, not too far and not too close and the help is very subtle, in action it's hardly noticeable visually. However I think the distance could be closer by just a small bit, I can hit the target in 1,5-2 meters away. It looks a little bit weird, I would like it if we would need to be a bit closer to trigger the meele.

-Happy about the Winchester buff, but it is not enough in my opinion. In stats it is not so far from the mosin, but in gameplay I kill almost every enemy in one hit with the mosin regardless of tiers or equipment with higher armour and with the winchester, most of the times 2 hits, even to enemies with lower armour. I tried both of them out in close distance. I would like it more, if I could play with winchester like with the mosin. I really like the winchester's modules, they look good with creative stats and helpful stats, what I would add to them is another scope specifically for the winchester, just like mosin's unique scope. I found old factory scope photos for the 1894, (I can link them if you want to) they look really good. I would really like to use this gun and have these things for it.

-Vostok map's weather is really good, it's creepy and I like it.

For me it is a really well made and contentful patch, I really like it. The talents are finally finished. Thank you for your hard work.

/ For the future, I want to leave a little feedback overall, what I would like to see in the future:
-Bullet cases falling out of the gun, (would be great to see them on the ground too, but that's not that important.)
it adds alot to the guns and the enjoyment of firing them.
-More sounds for guns. Many guns share the same sound. The overall sound design of the game is incredible, my favorite is how the sounds change from going outside. This also adds a huge difference to the gun and make it much-much more enjoyable.
-See the bullet flying in the air. Not the literal bullet, but similar to a yellow line.
-Ability to scale the distance view quality. What I mean by that is, parts of the map pop up as you come closer to it. You can see it on the grass, shadows and textures. In greater distances it looks bad or flickering. Sometimes from closer distance too. It would be awesome to put it on max, and see nothing blur out, get lowered textures or straight up disappeared ones, but rather see everything in great shape. Even if this is a big hit on pc performence, I would change my whole pc for such a thing. But also be scaleable for others.

I don't know if I can recommend 2 games as examples (one for bullet fall out and one for visibality in the air when firing)
nor If I can link the site for winchester scope photos, so I won't until then.

Thank you again for your hard work, hope everything is well for the devs, mods and all survivors. Have happiness, health and wealth. Greetings from Hungary.
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29.05.2019, 15:31

Survarium update 0.59c3 is available on the Public Test Server! To participate in the test, please download new game version or update PTS version 0.59c2. You can install the PTS version simultaneously with public version 0.59. Temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

The changes are relative to the previous version Survarium 0.59c x64 on the PTS. Also read about the major changes in Survarium 0.59 preview

Survarium 0.59c3 PTS Change Log
User Interface

- Removed numbers on the recoil chart and first three bullets recoil. Now only the recoil chart is displayed.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue when the game client crashed due to the insufficient memory.

Survarium DevTeam
Vostok Games
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29.05.2019, 19:04

- Can you improve the reward on pve? 10 box of silver is quiet boring.
- Can it be possible to bring back T5 reword for the pve? Maybe for those who do it alone.
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