Chernobyl: 32 years later

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26.04.2018, 11:07

32 years ago, this day was a turning point in the history of human civilization. It was then that a terrible accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant not only changed the lives of many people, but also the course of History. A huge radioactive cloud covered the continents of our planet, our past, present and future changed under it. The notion of "Chernobyl" is now much broader and has gone down in the life of everyone who was there and all others who didn't notice that the great catastrophe, the catastrophe of century would forever influenced their fate.

We must remember Chernobyl, because the past may return if we do not remember and respect it.
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26.04.2018, 13:14

It should be an event for that day with exoskeleton as reward :)
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26.04.2018, 14:16

William-g:It should be an event for that day with exoskeleton as reward :)

It should be a map on the event also...
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26.04.2018, 14:27

first off: remember the uncaped heros that tried to solve the problem.

Create an event where you cannot win weapon, but proper mask with anomaly protection, or backpack.
that would be very welcome.
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26.04.2018, 15:49

Radiation poisoning´s the hardest and ugliest illness a living being can suffer. What these men did, without getting the needed support and refund from their former government, nowadays, was even more heroic than fighting and winning on the frontline in WW2.

There´s no cure for such illness and these people had to suffer physically till their last day. I´m not even talking about the urological consequences
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26.04.2018, 23:05

A T5 mask with anomaly protection would be a great tribute to the catastrophe.
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