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29.12.2017, 00:04

da_capo:and RPK:

Aaand the exactly same RPK 7 years later

From 2:10 shot while standing.

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29.12.2017, 01:09

I believe Sandsleeper_CZ said somewhere that he was running a gun shop for several years, so he probably knows his guns better than we do.

That prooves nothing by itself. A guy selling cars can know nothing about a particular theme like combustion engines or rallye for example. At this moment however just anything is good enough, because:

same goes for RPK, its a standard 5 kilo weapon witch makes it extremely difficult to aim. its mainly design for hip fire - Im talking about standard model
same goes for all the other heavy mg

where da_capo shows that he is either trolling without reason or that he literally does not have a clue. I dont see any point in presenting any more proofs.
Especially when we know that modules such as scopes are commonly used on LMGs. We dont know what else is planned to be changed in the game in the future. Having a rifle scope on LMG is quite ok, so where is the problem just to put it on the gun? Will we be able to use a scoped LMG in the same way as a SMG with red dot? Does it sound real? These are another questions. (Answer for me is yes with longer aiming time, higher sight sway and faster breath depleting - I dont intend to put any more energy or time to this subject.)

And, btw, PKP of course does not have 17kgs :)
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29.12.2017, 02:25

Dauerfeuer Ungeheuer:
So my M4A1-NY2016 is gone because I will get a random Tier 4 AR?

Its just tier 2 now
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29.12.2017, 09:42

some questions :
1. main server is offline. is there going to be any update on the main server?
2. do we have any modules for the magazines of the weapons?
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29.12.2017, 09:59

Server offline, so we could have the 0.51 or the event today, or the two.

But no info on the RU server, twitter or facebook. So maybe it's just a crash.
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29.12.2017, 10:28

ike07:Server offline, so we could have the 0.51 or the event today, or the two.

But no info on the RU server, twitter or facebook. So maybe it's just a crash.

Maybe VG are busy for preparing the info about 0.51,just wait to see.
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29.12.2017, 10:43

I hope we will get some event, or that big .51 ;)
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29.12.2017, 10:44

Is the test server off?
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29.12.2017, 14:22

300mb update... what could it be? :)

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29.12.2017, 15:48

In response to u and Dauerfeuer. I can installs damn **** on any Lmg as long as u have tripod. Do u see a tripod in Survarium? I specifically said "aiming" the weapon not using tripod. I said the same 3 years ago about heavy mg.

And you already showing that you have no clue about weaponry. Again. LMGs can be operated without bipods. not tripods, bipods. Heavy machine guns are stationary with bipods.
There is enough and more than enough evidence against your opinion online. Pictures, videos and so on. People firing LMgs with scopes and sights without bipods. Give it up, please. If you want to make an argument in the future, research so you don't look like a fool.
We proved you're wrong, yet you insist on being right for some stubborn reason.
show this video to that *&("£*£$*( Dauerfeuer Ungeheuer also

and RPK:

I' ve seen this video. But you didn't.
7 seconds in you can see a guy with a Pecheneg in his hands without a bipod firing it with a scope on it.
0:16, 0:19, 0:20, 0:21. Do I need to continue?
Heck, It jumps in your face, and you ignore every evidence against you.
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29.12.2017, 17:42

Why do we have to pay to remove attachments!?!??!?!?!?!?
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29.12.2017, 18:19

Thunderkill wrote:Why do we have to pay to remove attachments!?!??!?!?!?!?

You don't. You can remove them for free. They will just be destroyed and you'll need a replacement attachment. Gold is just there if you don't wish to have the module destroyed when removing it.
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