Locations/Regions you'd like to see in survarium?

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29.05.2014, 12:11

Fukushima - some great hover drone video online of the abandon city:

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=60c_1398 ... ent_page=2

and the music is so S.t.a.l.k.e.r
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Firefly Sgt Rivers
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29.05.2014, 13:45

Around the Tunguska area would be interesting too
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Crypto Isidorus
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30.05.2014, 21:13

Winter Finland
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30.05.2014, 22:30

in turkey
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31.05.2014, 11:21

I would love to see central Prague with its Main Railway station. You have large forrested area nearby (with third largest equestrian statue in world, depicting czech war hero Jan Zizka, who destroyed four crusades sent against him), Czech National museum and statue of st. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square (largest square in Czech Republic), there is a subway network beneath ground and highway in front. All within 1km radius.

https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=50.0838 ... 5&t=k&z=15

Mix it with dense, old urban architecture and give it a little postapocalyptic-look of derelict city...

I would love to walk through there.

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01.06.2014, 01:14

The Ural mountains, Grozny, pretty much anything in the Caucasus, Eastern Europe. Detroit, The Black forest in Germany, London, Siberia, D.C., Belgrade, Kiev, and Yamalia.

Idk why but eastern europe looks the best place for apocalypse

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02.06.2014, 15:46

Chernobyl & Moskau & Berlin & Stalingrad
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09.06.2014, 01:55

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09.06.2014, 07:12

I would like to see Pryp'yat'
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10.06.2014, 04:22

Someplace set in a location outside a former USSR country? Seeing as the forest took over the whole world.
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10.06.2014, 04:51

MurkedOne:Someplace set in a location outside a former USSR country? Seeing as the forest took over the whole world.

They'll add maps that will be outside the ex-USSR.
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10.06.2014, 20:41

We're talking about the first set of maps.

They have already stated that there will be many other locations but that takes much more time to create.

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11.06.2014, 13:41

City building?
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24.06.2014, 23:46

Well... I would like to see a place that is located in my country.
It would be sooo cool! *---*

It's called Itaipu Dam, currently the world's largest hydroelectric plant in power generation.

I've been there twice and it's amazing, both inside and outside...
I think it would be an epic environment to explore in survarium =D

Link: https://www.itaipu.gov.br/en/energy-home

What do you think?
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25.06.2014, 21:34

for sure i would like to see all chernobyl area
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05.07.2014, 16:25

We don't really have a heavily urbanized location yet ... feel free to suggest big cities as they are probably more likely to catch in :)
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06.07.2014, 23:13

An apartment complex, the sort that are usually referred to as "commie blocks."

Sources and examples.

http://www.archunion.com.ua/img/foto_00 ... ev_810.jpg
http://www.archunion.com.ua/img/foto_00 ... ev_815.jpg
http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/4906/kan ... 87d4464_XL

The devs being from Eastern Europe (Ukraine,) are probably already familiar with these, however as far as a map is concerned it could provide excellent material since each building in the complex would have many floors, and many rooms, which would obviously provide for room-clearings from the interior of the buildings, and balconies and rooftops, which would also provide excellent nests for snipers overlooking the grounds in the center, in which could probably be placed an anomaly with artifacts and batteries. The other half of the battery spawns should be in some of the rooms of the buildings, meaning that there would be a varying degree of batteries spawning in the open center area near the anomaly, or random spawns in a few of the numerous rooms of each tower.

I'm thinking about 3-4 towers in total, sort of like the first image I linked, the Kiev 810 one, although the layout of the buildings could be different.
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Red Schuhart
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09.07.2014, 20:05

I would like to see several Locations:

1. Anywhere in Germany, maybe close to the Alps or The Schwarzwald (Black Forest)
2. A Beautiful Forest with stream/Waterfalls in a Cave System with Big Holes in the Ceilings through which you can see the sky.
3. A Beach (-resort)
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16.07.2014, 09:55

A heavy forest with a lot of trees (when I say a lot of trees, I mean roughly comparable to a real-life forest. I don't know how feasible this would be, what with triangle count restrictions and whatnot, but it would make for some tense firefights.) would be really cool to slowly make my way through with a bolt-action rifle in, maybe in Canada?

Some resort-type island (Like Dead Island sans the undead) would be pretty cool too, as the guy above me stated, although I doubt it would really fit the theme of the rest of the game.
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17.07.2014, 02:08

right now u have a painful spot but u can use it on your on advantage. a big one.
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