Locations/Regions you'd like to see in survarium?

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08.04.2013, 20:27

Maybe an area located somewhere near North Pole? Or anywhere with low temperatures, snow and snowstorms.
Maybe you read Metro 2034, there was a mantion about a survivor city in the North, near nuclear plant (Polarnye Zoryi...? sorry, I don't know how it was called in english)
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08.04.2013, 20:33

Maybe something like one of the Asian big city?
Like Tokio or Beijing? Totally destoy of course.
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08.04.2013, 20:47

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08.04.2013, 22:17

Forests in New England are wonderful places since they can be colorful in the fall and very spooky at night (lots of folk lore like the Dover Demon, etc). There are an abundance of thorns, poison ivy, wildlife, hilly terrain covered with leaves, logs, and old deserted farms. Also, weather in New England (being a seasoned New Englander) can be very unpredictable thanks to the air flow from the Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.
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09.04.2013, 01:45

I imagine it would be hard to do but way later down the line a tropical island would be nice.

Paradise gone wrong.

The forest canepy could be so thick that in the forest there are patches that are practicaly like evening/night time in the middle day time.

Looking upwards you'de be able to see specs of light making their way in but they would be so high up that it would look practically like the night sky on a clear night.

Shadows could occasionally jump from tree to to tree top, making noise and obstructing light sources (casting shadows if there are any near players). Will it attack or is that just part of the ambiant sounds in the level? Hard to tell :)

The isolated island may also have a research center with out posts and various labs and buildings around the island. Is the island abandoned, trapped in time, or are there other people there? Are they Survivors who know the fate of the world or do they have a hand in the collapse? Are they unwittingly hostile, believing that the world outside is still perfectly fine and that they need to protect their research? Who knows.

(Just to clarify i've never played Crysis or Far Cry so this isn't my inspiration)
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09.04.2013, 02:16

Some kind of area like the metro regions from Fallout 3 would be epic.
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09.04.2013, 03:13

North Korea. (too soon?)
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09.04.2013, 04:37

My city and my school!!!
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Hari Jaguar
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09.04.2013, 06:40

There has to be some sort of small / barren deserted farmland. That is always good and can leave numerous sheds / buildings that farmland's normally have.
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09.04.2013, 06:55

Maybe Rio de Janeiro, with post apocaliptic favelas. And not so famous cities, like Senj Croatia or Usuhaia Argentina
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09.04.2013, 17:10

i would like to see istanbul in survarium because i was playing a post-apocalyptic mmo game and it had istanbul in it, the atmosphere was very strong
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09.04.2013, 21:16

I forgot to mention kiev
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Crypto Isidorus
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09.04.2013, 21:57

Crypto:I forgot to mention kiev

Haha nice one :D
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10.04.2013, 00:57

Somewhere very cold during winter like Arkhangelsk, very tough to survive in with the snow and bitter cold temperatures.

Or maybe somewhere like Severomorsk, which is a closed town near Murmansk.

Another possibility with a different climate is one of the cities on the coast of the black sea, like Sevastopol, Odessa, or Constanța.
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Red Schuhart
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10.04.2013, 10:00

hmm a "dark" forest or a greate Cave with anomalys it would be nice to see.
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10.04.2013, 10:10

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10.04.2013, 19:09

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11.04.2013, 17:50

Death city with zombies :S
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12.04.2013, 09:20

Manhattan City , Schools , Castle Museums etc.
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12.04.2013, 09:41

I would love to see any location with large rocks or cliffs for PvP. I like climbing in games and it is interesting to have to consider vertical threads (enemies). Just think of HL2:Lost Coast - watching for enemies above and below you was great.
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