Locations/Regions you'd like to see in survarium?

Do you have an idea that could improve Survarium? Let us know here.

16.04.2013, 17:53

Finland, some older towns like porvoo or rauma. Or countryside with a lot of nature and small towns.
I am not fan of big ass cities. Must be because used to these little towns we are having.
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16.04.2013, 18:45

Indian Point Energy Center, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Point_Energy_Center

60's nuclear power plant close to New York City. Lots of used fuel left around in concrete pools that could have been fractured by anomalous activity, ensuring lots of radioactivity. The plant has its own National Guard base nearby, which could act as the area of action, with the NPP in the background. Lots of NATO weaponry and ammo to be found.
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16.04.2013, 18:45

Serbia-already ruined by the NATO,why wouldn't it be ruined again in the nuclear catastrophe ? I would like to see that...
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16.04.2013, 20:13

It's dificult to make some place witch really exist. You have to know this place and visite it more times and take a lot of photos of it.
So I'd like to see some post-comust city, with some abadoned flats, school, railway station and abadoned FACTORY, something like Jupiter in Call of Pripyat, but a bit bigger. As inspiration you can have a look on this, my city in Czech Rep.

Factory: http://data.regiony24.cz/foto/clanky/200901/20096120936407.jpg?width=500&bgcolor=black
and http://www.designtech.cz/f/cadinfo/o/CAD/zdas_01.png

Station: http://www.metroweb.cz/slovensko/poprad/DSCX0663.JPG

Those pictures are only for inspiration! :D
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16.04.2013, 21:52

I just had a COOL IDEA. You could use it for an end game Co-Op mission/area.

Area 51 and other military facilities that are secret.

You could make these facilities guarded by human NPC's who will shoot you and you would have to infiltrate and explore or do some other tasks. Based on what players did you could change the out come of the game. Maybe the cause of the apocalypse come from one of these facilities? It would explain why they are being so heavily guarded even after the world has been partially destroyed....what secrets do these people have locked away?

Even if you don't have human NPC's guarding it, you could have experimental mutants who killed them all lurk in the shadows of these dead facilities.
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17.04.2013, 09:05

án old mansion would also be cool,something like this:


great for close quartre combat *:D and would be nice for secret rooms and tunnels behind the walls.

btw. the game shown in this video is my all time favorite old skool shooter. Played it for 14 years again and again with its expansions and custom made user maps and episodes. got a new pc then in september 2011 and stopped playing it but Just a few months ago I played a new custom made 9 level episode addon. Blood is a classic !!!!
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J P Morgan Chase
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17.04.2013, 15:01

VagueReach:Abandoned submarine base in the Ukraine.

Wow that is just sick man!
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23.04.2013, 00:12

Alaska or Maine. I'd like to see some sort of bleak forest with various buildings, camps, and towns scattered around it. I just want to see that bleak atmosphere in a forest of some sort.
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23.04.2013, 08:02

An old abandoned fort. If I saw one I would claim it as my own in an instant.
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23.04.2013, 12:17

Be unique, be one of the few games that has territories of Finland in it! :) It would fit the concept with its damp swamps, dark forests and contaminated lakes!
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23.04.2013, 17:13

Prypiat must be !! it's tradition ;] or Chernobyl Powerplant, Sewers can be seems to stalker something like this, old military base, hidden laboratories 100% Horror Climate!!! Transmision Towers, something like a park or forest destroyed by fallen bombs or nuclear impact,
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23.04.2013, 17:18

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23.04.2013, 18:13

Abandoned nuclear stations like Chernobyl with tons of radioactivity in the area.
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24.04.2013, 12:33

Afghanistan, full with mountains!
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24.04.2013, 12:45

Like a few people have said, somewhere bleak like Siberia or Alaska with few buildings. I'd love to see how the ever-expanding mutated plants take that over with little to no human interaction preventing them.
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Princess Katherine
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24.04.2013, 13:04

how about,.. a temple/historical site? like the borobudur temple in indonesia or the blue mosque in turkey ? :D ?

just add epic OST and it'll be awesome ^^

and it might be good to add a secret passage to it ;o
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27.04.2013, 14:06

Several suggestions:

1. A big deserted theme park like Disneyland. Abandoned attractions and rides, statues of cartoon and movie characters, and real mutants and monsters prowling in the shadows. Vending machines containing food are also common. Players can climb onto things like roller coasters or go into tunnels and mazes.

2. Hartsville Nuclear Plant in Tennessee. Like Chernobyl, but with an American atmosphere and items. Pizzas and hamburgers in refrigerators, American weapons, NPCs who speak with southern accents and act like cowboys in a wild, ruined world.

3. Venice, Italy as a PVP location. Beautiful but ruined buildings with canals filled with water everywhere. I don't know if characters will be able to swim, but if that is possible then there can be underwater locations. Otherwise, players may cross the water on bridges and floating rubbish, which become choke points where enemies set up ambushes.

4. A fictional walled city. Survivors have banded together to build a sturdy wall which can be defended against mutants. Inside, they have tried to rebuild a peaceful and normal life, with small farms, schools, hospitals, shops etc. Fighting between factions is not allowed inside and troublemakers are punished with execution or being thrown out. Players may be invaders trying to get in, defenders of the city, peacefully trying to rest or do business inside, or unravelling a conspiracy or mystery over the city's leader(s), who are secretly belonging to an evil or dangerous faction such as something like Monolith, slavers, or even intelligent mutants.

5. The International Space Station. Stalkers in SPAAAAACCEEEEEE!

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27.04.2013, 16:50

I will choose like a rain forest XD example the amazon something like that jajaja
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Hari Jaguar
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27.04.2013, 18:18

Venice! Just imagine a half submerged old city crumbling at your feet filled with rabid dogs and fierce mutants, buildings entwined in overgrowth of nature and the remaining safe havens being centuries old churches and cathedrals where the last of the last have came together to form a safe haven for explorers and scavengers.

It'd be really interesting to have a location there, since it'd be an urban jungle with broken bridges and underwater death traps with loot inside many submerged buildings. There could be tonnes of cool anomalies in Venice! Not many other places in the world are like Venice, and I have never seen something like this where Venice is a crumbled city in a post-apocalyptic environment. What do you think? :)
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03.05.2013, 01:27

my back garden as a "port" location haha (see anomaly thread)
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