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07.04.2015, 02:16

theedugster:Not sure if anyone's brought this up, but DEVS PLEASE READ!
1. Please add more sight and weapons sway. It would make it much more immersive.
2. Smg's and pistols do too much damage. A Colt Python does as much damage as an SKS. They should do maybe 30, max. Same problem with the penetration values.
3. Slugs are not slightly more accurate than "small shot."
4. 30-30 Winchester is more powerful than .762x54r? You confused .762x39 (AK-47, AKM, SKS, etc.) with 54r (Mosin Nagant, SVD, etc.).
PLEASE NOTE! I am just really fussy about realism, most people would probably not have these complaints. Overall though, I am super impressed with the game.
If there's another thread to put this in, please tell me.

1. I am fine with current sight sway, but that is my personal opinion(I do not use motherwort extract and rarely hold breath)
2. Balance I guess. At least half-automatic pistol bullets deal less damage than the light machine guns( that, I hate).
3. I can not decide what your problem might be. Is it that they are entirely different projectiles or is the slug too inaccurate\accurate compared to what it should be?
4. Again, might be balance.

In any case, thanks for the input.

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07.04.2015, 16:50

It is probably caused by too many squads trying to join the 8vs8 games and the lack of other modes being played in comparison with TDM might be part of the waiting time.

So Devs could add more Modes, like 5vs5 that are random for low times(times that a few players are online) in game.
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07.04.2015, 16:55

Or VG could finally fix the Squad size to 4. It is called sQUAD for a reason. That way 2 full squads would be enough to fill one team, so all squads get matched together and all single players or 2 player squads can get matched as usual.
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11.04.2015, 18:15

It'd be nice if the bullet physics and hitboxes were more realistic. As it stands bullet drop is non existent and you cannot lead targets. I'd like to see a visual representation of the hit boxes as well. While I'm at it, the range on some of the smgs' needs to be shortened just a bit. All in all I like the game but out of the dozens of FPS games I've played and enjoyed the best of them have more realistic bullet physics.
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12.04.2015, 13:20

I have been playing for just about a week and I found out there are a few things I thing the game needs to improve.

1. Have Attachments: a lot of us can't aim with the beginning because the snipers don't have good iron sights, allowing a scope attachment will be good and maybe other attachments in the near future.

2. Remove Spawn Camping: I have been spawn camped a lot and it was hard just to get them away from us and we need to improve that, maybe add doors that will only allow friendlies to go thought but the enemy can't.

3. Increasing Assault Rifle Ammo Pack Rounds: I have got my first assault rifle and see I only get 30 rounds per pack, can we increase that to 35 or 40 rounds per pack.

4. More Traps: I like the Trap (Bear Trap) but I think we need a few more. Land Mines or Trip Wire will help, both are explosive but the Land Mine is for the ground and the Trip Wire is for side of walls only if it has a second wall within 10-30m.

This is all I have and I can't wait for the free play Game mode that you have for us.
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12.04.2015, 13:30


1 Planned with the customization system.

2 It is being worked on, but I don't know how they want to stop it in terms of spawning.

3 No idea, it might be possible with the customization system.

4 More traps are planned.

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12.04.2015, 16:18

Hi this is my first time posting i giving an idea dunno is it good, anyway this is my idea i hope they create a mode that able to hunt for fragments(to craft an weapon) between 2 teams. Is like team death match but u able to hunts for limited items which u need to bring a backpack or sumthing but if you get kill u lost all of them. To able to get that fragments you need to bring it to base .

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24.04.2015, 00:38

I'm really liking the game so far.

Some suggestions:

1. more movements options: going prone and leaning left/right. That'd make sniping more interesting. I imagine this's been suggested a zillion times.

2. phasing out anti-immersive features like crosshair, ammo counters, hit detection on higher tiers. (or voluntarily on lower, in exchange for a low % bonus to xp). Red Orchestra 2 has this done right.

3. vaulting through windows?

4. bows or crossbows. An interesting feature of these in the real world is that sharp arrows cut through bulletproof fabric very easily. Of course, not through steel or ceramic plates.

5. steel or ceramic plates over vitals? -higher level armors, and upgraded lower level could have pockets for these. A 4 kg steel plate would prevent getting shot through the middle chest, etc.

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28.04.2015, 05:25

I personally dislike those new anomalies , makes the game unplayable for me or they make me wanna camp because on small maps like Cologne Bridge i can't move too much because they are all over blocking the way of a door or my path and i can't get around them, I have 2 options now , i could get armor with higher isolation but that means that i will die quickly killed by someone or i could get higher defense armor but i will get killed or higher damaged by anomalies and then killed by someone else. The idea of those anomaly may be good for some , but on bigger maps and not in that high number.
Or make it so that we can be damaged by them only when we try to extract them.
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28.04.2015, 19:15

I tried the new 0.28a version of the game and it looks great ! I mean, the new content is very interesting.

The new equipment is nice, especially for the Scavengers (level 2 is awesome *-*) and the new equipment levels and balancing is pretty good too.
The interface of the lobby and the loading screens are nice.
Weight and stamina are well balanced and a bit more realistic now, in my opinion.
Quick commands are useful but not often needed. It is still a funny element in the game, though. :)
Anomalies are really great and make the game more dynamic. However, they are too much present in small maps and deal heavy damages. Maybe quite less damage could be interesting. By the way, the time the description of the artifact effect appears is waaayy too short.
I lost a few FPS and got drops of it more often on graphic demanding maps since the patch but it is still playable. I think it needs to be improved quickly, without trying to be mean.

Nice work, however. Keep with that ! :)
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29.04.2015, 16:06

I'd suggest making character to shoot while jumping and fastening transition from running to shooting. It's too damn terribly slow.
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29.04.2015, 18:07

Senpai-kun:fastening transition from running to shooting. It's too damn terribly slow.

True that. I die a lot of times because of the slowness of aiming after sprints.
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09.05.2015, 13:52

Please change bear traps. I get it if they badly injure a leg and take some health. I get it if they immobilize you for a few seconds as well, and cause bleeding. But getting insta-killed is way too much. Seriously, one guy put 3 traps in the same objective, and somehow I ended up stepping on all of them... -_- ... reduce their impact and add the effects mentioned above.

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10.05.2015, 14:39

This is an idea for free play.

I would suggest doing something like "Star Conflict". You have your main menu, you are in the basement you can go into a game, or you select the free play and press play, you just leave your basement. You can walk around, scavange, kill, loot and do what you want. You might start in a town, or safezone, where you would be able to trade with players, plan raids etc. Also maybe you would be able to take over bases in the free play. You could make clans, capture bases or outposts and when you start playing free play, you spawn in your clans outpost, you could play politics and have trade with nearby outposts for aliances or for protection.
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10.05.2015, 14:49

Here me loud and clear.

Report me if you disagree in-game, but if you have equipment and gear in a match where other players are just dying on the other team because you sit somewhere with your nice gear where u found ur lil spot and raining hell on them...I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD.

The player I describes above KNOW that this is what the game is about, but this is beta my man and this game is not being done for free. We are scaring too many potential people who might spend money on this game, and it is my feeling that whenever that happens, us as players that WANT this game to survive should start to think about.

Don't BASERAPE and don't ave a k/d of 44/2 with the best score on the enemy team is k/d 8/12 etc
That shit is not conducing player-returns.
Lets all help make Survarium bare-able yet likeable to new players and give them rather a sniff of the wondrous potential of this AWESUM piece of work that is Survarium /,,/.

If not you can always take a bullet to the face and report me for a t/k.

Adios /,,/.

1st Match after I post this and there's a dude Tomsom-or-other and just slaughtering sheep.
In fact I am so over it right now I'll come back next week and see if anything better is happening.
I'd rather suck at dota2 then be good at this and unable to survive a match.

May the baserape bring you many satisfact /,,/.
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10.05.2015, 14:57

nferno_6:If not you can always take a bullet to the face and report me for a t/k.

Adios /,,/.

With pleasure :)

Adios, never to return!
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10.05.2015, 19:23


Why so much hate ? Just deal with it even if it is annoying. Players aren't perfect.
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12.05.2015, 18:44

I just got an idea for the friends list!

It should include show who is in a match and which is in a lobby. For ease of communication, because right now you have no clue if people arent answering because of afk, they dont want to or if they are in a game!

And maybe a section for clan members in friendslist aswell? :)
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13.05.2015, 19:51

Not useful for me but it can be interesting for people who got a lot of friends. :)
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21.05.2015, 11:33

I'd suggest adding more pistols, high level pistols like 1911 or even desert eagle, or may be even fn 5.7 with it's rumored high penetration.
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