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05.04.2020, 19:06

Module Suggestion 1: AK Magazines
I'd like to propose that the rest of the weapons that accept AK or AK-74 magazines in real life accept them in the game. Specifically the following weapons:

Module Suggestion 2: NATO STANAG Magazines
I suggest giving NATO STANAG magazine compatible weapons the same treatment as the AK and AK-74 magazine compatible weapons. Specifically with the addition of two new magazine modules; the PMAG 40 and the PMAG 30 (with ranger plate). The PMAG 40 would have the same stats as the 40 round RPK magazine. The PMAG 30 would have the same stats as the 30 round AKM magazine.

PMAG Gen 3 Compatible Weapons:
-M4A1 = Compatible
-H&K 416A5 = Compatible
-L85A2 = Compatible
-MSBS RADON = Compatible
-FN FNC = Possible (NATO STANAG Compatible)

I have attached two pictures below showing the aluminum magazines in the game with the two PMAGS being suggested. I also have regular (non-windowed) PMAG 30 Gen 3 magazines that are not pictured here.

Module Suggestion 3: Enhanced Charging Handles
Implement ambidextrous / over-sized charging handles for other weapons with the same bonuses the AKM and AK-74 series of rifles have. The M4A1 has charging handles like this available:

The H&K 416A5 has an "enhanced" charging handle while the M4A1 has a standard mil-spec charging handle. My suggestion is to make the default for both weapons the mil-spec one and have the "enhanced" one as a module.

Module Suggestion 4: Enhanced Bolts
Implement the bolt or bolt carrier group (depending on the gun) as a module that can be enhanced like on the AKMSU for other weapons, including the M4A1.

If any developers are interested in these and want pictures from specific angles or information contact me.
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30.07.2020, 21:48

If I may add...

it would be amazing if VG added "M4A1 Long barrel" (eg. 18" SOCOM profile barrel) in the same way VSSK has "Long barrel" upgrade; and then "long handguard", something extremely simple to model for survarium, eg. the PRI Mk12 or JPE Mk3 handguard:
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e5/ti ... ec1458.jpg
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1577/ ... 80x480.jpg

The long barrel would have
+10% effective range
-20% rate of fire"
(for the sake of game balance, but officially because it uses lower-pressure rifle-length gas system, unlike M4's more pressurized, faster reciprocating carbine-length).

The long handguard would have
-10% dispersion
+20% aim time"
-require long barrel to be previously installed.
(for the sake of balance - essentially, giving AR-15-converted-to-DMR the same negative modifiers as sniper rifles/carbines).

Thus it would be possible to convert Survarium M4A1 to "sniper AR-15" akin the Mk.12 or JP Enterprise JP-15, with far lower ROF, but better accuracy, range, scope sway - and still low enough damage to retain gameplay balance:
https://cdn3.volusion.com/sbngl.sesgn/v ... -FDE-2.jpg

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