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14.11.2019, 16:16

I think we need a complaint option to AFK people.

Ranked and PVP modes
Sometimes people are AFK on ranked and PvP matches, mainly on Search and Destroy mode, helping to lose the match to his team.

PvE Mode
Sometimes people are AFK on PvE, predominantly after first map. I have thinks 2 ideas to do that:

-The players can vote to kick out the AFK, loosing al loot boxes, and searching a new player automatically to continue.

-The players can make a AFK complaint, and in case of guilty he will receive a punish.
First time guilty 3 days he cant play PvE
Second time 1 Week cant play PvE
Third time and more, he cant play PvE on 1 month.

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16.11.2019, 21:35

PvP AFK players are already automatically punished by up to 15,000 silver penalty, and blocked for up to 5 (10?) minutes from playing.

The report->kick/ban tool would be massively misused, and hence VG wouldn't do it. Balance.
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