Low-vis patches (country flags, emblems)

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13.11.2019, 22:42

You could use gold to purchase country/organizations flags, emblems etc. Many people invest Gold into this to show their affilation.

However, all these patches/graphics are very colorful and thus extremely demasking - I've seen in KillCam many times that someone didnt see me at first, but then spotted the bright #0000FF blue and smashed me.

Could Suvarium offer low-vis versions of the patches, like this?

https://www.army-shop.cz/img_produkty/n ... 21_500.jpg
https://www.armytrade.cz/obrazky/velky_ ... x5-5cm.jpg
https://data.militaryrange.sk/attach/eo ... o/c-24.jpg
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0642/ ... 1425941116
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