Панельное домостроени map - using main menu models

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27.09.2019, 06:27

Hi, several players (Omni-Fred,owen_reece88) have proposed simple CQB map based on typical russian "concrete skyscraper" / "panelak" / "Панельное домостроени". I second that proposal - the location it's already partially implemented for the menu, so use that model for game map as well!

Since Панельное домостроени were 100% prefabricated, modular and identical, there's no need for variety.

1) use the 3D model of the player's den/flat from the main menu/lobby as typical main room flat ("1+kitchen corner"),
2) add another simple room as bathroom where players could hide,
3) put two such rooms on each floor:
https://pp.vk.me/J_oAmqeFUu_LhmdDDbZgUs ... xYvqYA.jpg
4) stack few such floors (3-4) on themselves,
add the typical Панельное домостроение staircase with nonfunctioning elevators and elevator shaft which could be jumped through or thrown grenades through:
5) and let the fight begin: one team starts in top floor flat and fights down, other team starts in bottom flat and fights up. Viciously realistic CQB slaughter or Artifact Delivery.
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