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12.05.2019, 21:15

If you look carefully, when a PU or a PSO-1 optical sight are installed, rifles that are compatible with these scopes still have the standard iron sights. These iron sights could be used if I'm forced to engage an enemy who is close by. Please add an option to use these iron sights, as this is possible on many Soviet weapons (SVD, SVU, Mosin, AKM, RPK-74M, PP-19-01, SOK-94, VSS, VSK-94, Vepr, SR-3M, As-Val and 9A-91). The zoom of PU and PSO-1 scopes is too high and, if installed on a weapon, they lose the capability of close quarter combat because you cannot install 2 scopes on these weapons. Adding what I suggest would fix this flaw.

Please take a look at how Red Orchestra 2 did this, a game that was released in 2011:

Then, SpecterDR has also a feature for iron sights, so it should be possible to use this:
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13.05.2019, 12:31

Interesting idea. Maybe not everyone would use such a solution, but it would be cool alternative.
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02.06.2019, 18:44

We can already switch between multiple sights so i dont see why this cant be implemented.
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04.06.2019, 10:46

I would remove all visual attachments from weapons. most of them just look fake and game was initially not intended for such attachments + implementation was bad and still is
another reason, I hate scopes - like I really HATE them - but I have no hitreg when using iron sights or collimators, so Im forced to use them. but I still hate those decals on the screen and lack of penalties when using them. wtf is so cool in zooming a portion of the screen and hold left click to shoot in the middle, I dont know!
and why I need 6 7 8 bullets when using scopes to kill and 20+ bullets when using collimators or iron sights for same kill - again I dont know...
great game
IDEA, just remove the visual weapons on the screen. just let us zoom up a portion of the screen and thats it. why would u need weapons on the screen if scopes r so effective and most ppl use them anyway?? remove all weapons, add a reticle in the middle and a option to zoom in and out - the perfect arcade experience like in the 90's
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05.08.2019, 02:40

Related: TA01 and TA04 scopes have built-in back-up iron sights (TA01) or at lest the rear peep sight (TA04). Please allow switching to these as well.
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