SAVE RANKED! A plan to make it work with clan wars!

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18.04.2019, 20:24

Ranked needs saving, it cannot work in its current form, and is in risk of being taken out completely. I feel like it is very important this game has the option to play ranked.
I understand there has been many attempts to make it work, none of which have worked to satisfaction so far, but failure isnt an excuse to stop trying!

I played excessive amounts of most games out there, for the past 15 years, pc gaming has been my go to activity for relaxing and having fun, and especially ranked. Ive seen what works and what doesnt, and why.
Ranked is the very core of most FPS games alike, not having this in Survarium would undoubtedly mean alot of people lose interest, or new players who hear about this wont ever even get into the game.
Currently it has had little to no effect to playerbase numbers, because the ranked system is so outdated and broken to begin with. Devs should not misunderstand this as "ranked doesnt matter" when analysing the statistics.
Putting priority to clan wars is somewhat good idea, but it doesnt mean it needs to replace ranked, infact this should be a part of ranked! Let them coexist and try something that has worked in other games.
I propose that rank system will be completely overhauled, this game needs a ranked system that is fair, versatile and keeps players invested rather than pushes them away.
Current problems i have run across is extremely uneven matches, bad progression design that undermines the whole meaning of the word "ranked", and its just simply off putting to casual players.
I have asked ALOT of people ingame, why they dont play ranked? Answer i usually get is pretty much the same, it does not feel like ranked, its just a copy paste of normal pvp but with a weird progression system,
that doesnt make any sense, and ontop of it its discouraging because of balance issues and "meh" rewards of max 1000 tokens, considered how rare it is to have the chance to get tokens.


Split ranked into 2 categories, individual player rank & clan rank. Implement clan wars as "the other side of ranked" where you can play as a group!
These 2 branches of ranked obviously would need to have some big differences in order to make this work, in order to not run into the same old problems this game ran into before.

Individual ranked:

The most logical way, is to keep individual rank as basic as can be, like every other game seems to be doing: S&D or "bomb" should be the only gamemode for solo rank! Its proven to work in so many games that it would be arrogant to think Survarium would be any different.
This change would alone fix or reduce many potential problems, such as extreme wait times, it also slightly reduces the risk of unbalanced teams, and overall just makes way more sense because you have an objective to focus on.

Make ranked matchmaking take into consideration your non ranked ELO rating. This should go without saying, pvp elo rating is the most accurate way to reduce unbalance in ranked matches,
there doesnt need to be a seperate ELO for ranked only, because your individual rank has nothing to do with elo to begin with, and game does not have enough population for multiple seperate ELO systems to work as intended anyway.

^ With these additions above, progression system needs to change. Current problem with the system is that there is simply way too much randomness to who wins and who loses, it does not accurately measure who deserves what rank. The only thing that matters is win/lose,
so it apparently had to be compensated with this bad progression system that completely forgives your first loss, not removing any rank. 2nd loss in a row will take away 25% of 1 star, and it keeps going like that.
This system is a result of trying to fix the problem by treating the symptom, it was doomed to fail from beginning and now results in that good players are bored of ranked as its just simply way too easy to even be considered ranked,
and mediocre/low skill players are nearly 100% depending on luck to progress. Its not good for any skill group.

My suggestion to fix this problem is pretty much straight up copy what works in other similar games that were a success, you can still use the same star system if you choose to, but make it make sense by bracketing the penalty for losing.
For example: rank 10-8, no penalty for any loss. Rank 7-5, 0.25 star loss for each lost match. Rank 5-3 0.5 star loss for each lost match. Rank 3-1, 1 whole star lost, for a lost match.

This will mean that the rank you achieve represents your skill level much more accurately. Luck will not be such a dominant factor, because the match would consist of 5v5 players who all have similar pvp elo rating.
It will not punish mediocre/low skill players, but it will keep these players in the ranks where they really belong. The beauty of system like this is that it is very easy to optimize and tweak in the future,
when player amounts or other game mechanics change.

Also the rewards for solo ranked need to be thought in a bigger scale, if the chance to gain tokens is as rare as now, (last ranked season was like half a year ago) then 1000 tokens max for season is not enough.
The top players should be given what they deserve. However if the ranked seasons are available more often, or constantly, then you could even reduce the rewards and make the seasons shorter.
My point here is, there needs to be a fixed amount of rewards you can earn in X amount of time, that will stay the same no matter what, inconsistency will cause discouragement to play ranked.

Clan ranked:

Unlike in solo ranked, in clan ranked you could have all the gamemodes available, since clan battles are somewhat organized it would make sense that you could even choose the gamemode.

In clan ranked, ELO system cant work like it does in solo ranked, but it does not matter as its a clash between clans, may the better clan win! There is no need to even try to balance this, as clan battles will always be somewhat pride related.

Rewards: ultimately clans want to play together and have reckognition for their potential success in clan wars. So why not reward them with reckognition?
There are countless ways to do this, unique decals/camos, unique icons infront of their name, unique showcase of the best performing clans, basicly anything would work in this regard.

Progression system: Clan ELO, simply add clan specific elo, that can be used to put clans in order from best to worst instead of acting as a balancer, using the number of their position as their "rank". So that only 1 clan can be the best of the best, rank 1.
This way each clan will have their unique rank, and as this system is extremely simple, theres very little that can go wrong and it should be very easy to implement.


Playerbase dividing, as a problem will be minimized, while also giving everyone what they want.
Solo ranked will not be off putting to new or old players, it will be fair, and have relatively fast queue times.
Clan ranked is basicly just an improved version clan wars.
These 2 things need to coexist, without one or the other, people will not be happy.
It would be a massive downside to not have ranked at all, having slight problems in ranked is way lesser evil than not having it, and these problems CAN be solved, their impact to game can be minimized to the point where its worth it.

Also the game is not being advertised in EU/US, i know it wouldnt be wise to do a massive advertisement campaign at this stage, where there are still tons of stuff to improve. However to keep the game healthy for now,
atleast small scale advertising is needed, this would help a ton with alot of problems thats root cause is insufficient player base, and not having these problems would make it much easier to advertise later on when the game is all around more ready for it.
Even couple hundred new players would make a huge difference and there would be no need to cut corners and make risky compromises such as removing ranked.
There is simply no logical reason to put a strict nope/yes to advertising, find the "golden middle road" for this.
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19.04.2019, 10:18

At this time, the rating system will not allow squads. Clan wars, on the other hand, is something that would. Please read the latest Q&A with the team as our Devs mention Clan wars :) But, I will take down this feedback and send it to our designers and hopefully get you some sort of response.
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30.04.2019, 17:04

joewillburn:At this time, the rating system will not allow squads. Clan wars, on the other hand, is something that would. Please read the latest Q&A with the team as our Devs mention Clan wars :) But, I will take down this feedback and send it to our designers and hopefully get you some sort of response.

This was not about ranked allowing squads. This was about making ranked 5v5 S&D only, and then adding clan wars as it is as another "branch" of ranked. I even explained how it would make sense, but as im not a very good explainer i would love to clear any confusion or other misunderstandings there might be, if anything was lost to translation for example. So please if something was unclear, ask away.

This is just the only way that ranked and clan wars can exist at the same time, with current number of playerbase, without facing the problems that player division causes, also this would make ranked itself skill based rather than luck based. Right now, no matter how bad player someone is, he can get to rank 1 with enough matches played, or with enough luck. In 10v10 the individual skill is much less important than in 5v5. I think it is extremely wrong to rank individual players based on team effort, because team effort as a factor is random luck of the draw 100% of the time in gamemodes such as TDM, Slaughter or Battery.
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30.04.2019, 18:58

yeah yeah make this game more generic, more CoD
forget about the lore and what the game should be. forget about static anomalies, tactical game play, storm, story etc etc
copy/paste everything from other FPS clones out there
if u can, remove recoil.
make all armors light so everyone can run from side of the map to another in less then 10 sec.
emphasize individual and clan skill, team mission towards the same goal doesnt matter - KILLS MATTER!!!
YEAH, no lore related mods. just go for bomb mode, TDM and capture the flag
forget about the initial concept - witch is unique. everything unique must be bad. do what others did already - the very core idea of success

this game failed mostly because of community and its stupid requests. from time to time, another CoD brainwashed player comes around with generic CoD copy/paste ideas that borders stupidity and buries deep down everything this game shouldve been

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30.04.2019, 19:40


I tell since years that this game die because devs do what a part of the players want instead of having their own concept and follow it.
The result is a game that is always changing of direction and finally go nowhere, like if there was no boss at VG studio.
And, technically, VG is really retarded. When you see what computer you need for... this.

And they don't respect us, because they lie about the hitreg and the other issues, claiming that they need a proof, that it's because of our computer or connexion.
In fact they just don't know how to make this game run properly.
The flop of fear the wolves show their level... And the fact that they sell it without any playerbase show their honesty.

Btw, i don't care, i've uninstalled it forever.
I play another fps game, and i have absolutely not any lag, framerate and hitreg issues.
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