Unlocking and using modules - system needs a huge overhaul.

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12.04.2019, 14:34

It's a needlessly complicated and pointless, expensive system. Let me put it into perspective.
You could make the argument that buying a module and unlocking the slot is only around 5 euros, 3 USD, whatever else. But here's the thing - that is several eu/usd being used to first, unlock an attachment slot on a weapon. Second, buying the attachment for the weapon, thus binding the attachment.
On top of that, there is the initial cost of the weapon, and the repair costs of using it. In some cases there may also be the loadout unlock costs (you may have multiple loadouts). This means that on top of several dollars to unlock the slot and buy the attachment is a massive pile of silver that probably took days to grind. And to add to that, if we want to use that attachment on a different weapon, we have to spend money to unbind it, so that we can then bind it elsewhere. Guess what? If we want to put it on something else again, drop some more money. It's a pointlessly complicated system that requires you to to put a gradually increasing amount of money into the game.

I propose this: bring back the old system on top of the new one. We still have to unlock slots/attachments with kills. But now, every single weapon will have 1-2 basic sets of attachments. Attachments with smaller benefits, and equal/slightly larger disadvantages (more aim time, less distance, but not by much). Say I unlock an SVD, or a VSK. After playing with it for some time, rather than waiting on the game to decide to give me a single attachment for a gun that may not be one of those I have unlocked, I can instead attach a basic scope/barrel combo given that I have just put time and effort into that weapon, dedicating myself to using it because I want to improve it. Premium weapons and attachments already have massive benefits. So does premium armor, especially when paired with the weapons. Give F2P players some more love, rather than the entire process of getting attachments being luck based - the old system was better in almost every single way than the one we have now, except for the limitations of what attachments went on what weapons. This one is a downgrade, not an improvement.

At the very least, remove module binding seeing as attachments and getting the ones you want are already quite rare. Otherwise I'd love to see how you think binding a module to a weapon improves the game - because I can't find anyone that thinks it does and I honestly don't see how anyone could honestly think it's a good idea. We already have to buy the good attachments, at least cut down on some of the cost so once we stop using one weapon we can still make use of the modules we put on it.

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