Silver problem, endgame problem, solutions. plz read.

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28.11.2018, 16:51

I recently re-installed survarium to try it out after so many updates have passed, i was delighted to see that the game is now much better than it was some while ago, but there is 1 major problem that takes away my motivation to play this game.

My account is old, i have pretty much everything and there is really no point for me to do anything in order to advance.

Main problems to solve:

- Silver is absolutely useless, theres nothing i can spend my millions of silver into.
- Lack of T5 equipment, there is very limited amount of equipment for tier 5 in the game, this is a big bad problem because anyone with maxed out factions would love to have more variety in gear to choose from. T1-4 are "temporary" that people use for as long as they have to, and there is the same amount of t5 gear as there is previous gear.

Solutions i suggest:

- Make weapon attatchment upgrading a silver sink, there is the option to try for free with 50% chance, or for gold for 100% chance. Why not add an option to spend silver for ~80% chance? Same could be done with weapon mods.
- Make it possible to salvage weapons and armor for spare parts. It is extremely annoying that any dublicate items i have are completely useless and i can only sell them for silver, which i dont need because its also useless! If we cant have trading between players, then atleast let us make some use out of our old equipment or dublicate equipment.
- Add more endgame content and equipment, something that offers a real challenge and keeps the game interesting for the people who still play your game after all these years. These players are the backbone of survarium anyway, so why would you let them get bored? Adding new tier 5 equipment would also solve another big problem that i didnt even mention yet, which is that PVE is pointless for players like me, they offer nothing new in terms of gear, just more dublicates.
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