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01.05.2018, 12:10

Hello all, and especially the dev-team.

I'm a francophone Survarium player and I've noticed some issues currently with the French translation. I'm assuming, given the lack of a French version of the website, that maybe it's just an issue of time/resources at this point, and it's not at all game-breaking (the translations themselves are good).

What I've noticed, though, is that the game's font or text-characters don't seem to support basic French characters. In particular I've noticed accent-grave on "A" (À) becomes an accented "R." There's a few others but I can't remember exactly the correlations. I'm assuming this is the result of just forcing translations (and transliterations) through whatever available script characters Survarium has? If so would that be something which would get fixed eventually?

Edit: hmm, I also read the help section on this but apparently it was not correct; my username should've been changed according to how I've changed it in game but I can't figure out how...

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11.04.2019, 18:03

Salut à toi.

Je travaille actuellement sur une meilleure localisation Fr du jeu.

A ce sujet, je souhaiterai vos avis concernant les "colons de la marge" et les "charognards".
"colons marginaux" (ou en marge) et "récupérateurs" me semblent plus appropriés.

Ceci n'étant que mon avis personnel mais impactant directement les prochaines versions du jeu, merci de vos retour.
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