Survarium Music Contest: Winners!

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30.12.2014, 19:09

Now is the moment to sum up the results of the Survarium Music Contest!

As you know, November 28 was the last day of the contest. Within three months of the competition, the jury was presented a huge number of tracks, and the vast majority participated in the nomination "Track for Survarium".

Choosing the winners took us a lot more time than we previously expected. And now let's go directly to the results. The finalists of the first music contest on Survarium are:

According to the decision made by Vostok Games developers, the main winner and owner of the trademark Sennheiser HD 380 pro headphone becomes Ray Kosmick with his cover version of the main Survarium track presented in the long and short versions!
We also would like to highlight the tracks created by the contestants as follows:

• Survarium Main Theme Cover — DanFortesq, Andrey Rodriguez, FHTE, Ivan Blinov, Eliseev Mihail, Rustycore.

• Track for Survarium — Lonely Vinnie, Alexander Fokshtein, Cryotronik, MMX OverDrive, Light-D, pepel, Ray Kosmick, Ancient Mind, JoyzNoiz, Francesco Rugerfred Sedda, Nikita Vishnyakov, user307406556, Victor Dudkevych, Ivan Blinov, Ville Huovila, Sebastian Waleyko, Cyrill Minaev, Crashtea, Koshen, Smerch, WoRG, Xaitosin, Wolfshark.

All the prize-winning tracks have been selected into separate play lists for your comfort of playback.
All the above mentioned authors are awarded with 1000 in-game gold currency as well as the special Musician decal (to be added with the next game update)!

In order to redeem your prizes, please contact us via Make sure to mention Music Contest Winner as the email subject.

As for the People’s Choice Prize, we would like to hear your feedback on the tracks which you believe are the best for Survarium. Feel free to share with us in the forum thread below.

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone for participating in the contest!
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Андрияш Козловский
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30.12.2014, 19:35

MMX Overdrive - Expanse Loving it! Very ambient!

Great work everyone!
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30.12.2014, 19:41

Crazy amazing talent! well done all.
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30.12.2014, 20:02

Sheesh, I love them! Hopeless World though has to be my favorite though. Man, that guitar Q.Q
As for the main theme, love the second half - really makes me want to bash down a door with my army issues boots, lock and load and clear the entire room with one mag.
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30.12.2014, 23:29

Congratulations, Ray Kosmick!!! Your theme is awesome! And I love Rustycore´s theme, too! :)
You, all winners, have a great music talent!!! "thumbs up"
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31.12.2014, 02:07

You guys clearly were going for atmospheric stuff not something a bit more original and different. The point of doing a cover is so that it doesn't fall within the same category. Why do a cover of Metallica's enter sandman in metal? its already in metal. Make it industrial or pop. then it would be interesting. This is all the same atmospheric thing. Well I am glad I was not part of this cause I would've made into classical piano and it would've never made it to the finals cause you didn't want that. Next time say what you really want.

congrats to all the winners by the way. funny how they are all mostly Russian names? Oh and reply all you want. I aint gonna read a dam thing. Cant waste my time
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31.12.2014, 03:07

ai crai evri taim
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31.12.2014, 11:16

Awesome music.
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01.01.2015, 17:12

Congratulations Ray Kosmick,alltho our track didnt win i want the people to know about it :)

Hail the winner!
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22.01.2015, 03:52

Just one question? What's gonna happend with the tracks for Survarium now? Are them gonna be used for the actual game soundtrack? Some of them? All of them? On what therms?
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