Survarium Survival Guide

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27.02.2014, 19:56

Survarium Survival Guide

This guide will help you prepare for the world outside! It will help you equip yourselves against the dangers you will be facing in the world, both the threats of nature itself, as well as other players.
You will need to have played some battles already (and need a whole lot of money), if you haven’t.... well….get out there and start earning! You may have a hard time surviving at first, but once you’ve scraped some money together this guide will surely increase your chances of survival (don't take my word for it though)!


By now you should already have figured out how the shop and inventory works. Let’s go to the inventory and get you geared up.

You don’t look very protected right now! You will want to buy some pants and a jacket with decent armor if you really want to stay alive out there.

If you want to know more about an item before buying it, just click it. A detail window will appear in the middle and offer more information about it. You can compare it against other items simply by hovering over them.
Armor offers protection against bullets, while isolation offers protection against anomalies. You will have to decide for yourself what is more important to you, and chose your outfit accordingly. Check with the different factions, since they mostly specialize towards a certain playstyle.

Also keep in mind the weight, because your character can not carry as much as he wants. Heavy armor can be rather heavy (well I guess that makes sense doesn’t it?), so even though you might be well protected from bullets, you may still be quite vulnerable to environmental hazards, and won’t be able to carry extra protection against those.


Great! Now we have a jacket and a pair of pants that each come with pockets! We should fill them with some items that will help us in battle. Click on your pockets to see the available items in the shop. You may not have enough pockets to carry everything, so you’ll have to make a decision. Check the detailed description of your clothes to see if they have pockets. If you don’t have any pockets, you won’t be able to carry items with you!

One pocket may hold several of the same item, so be sure to bring enough. Also keep some in your storage, so you can refill your pockets after you’ve respawned. Use the central window after equipping the item to choose how many to carry in your backpack, and how many you want to keep in storage. You can also check the box at the bottom of the left window to automatically restock your items after each battle.

Be sure to check the items sold by different factions, as some items are only sold by a single faction. Be sure to try different items in-game to see what suits you best.


At last we will need some protective gear besides our armor, for maximizing our chances of survival against anomalies.
A mask will protect you against dangerous environments, and an oxygen tank will give you even more protection, but be careful, the tank only holds a limited amount of oxygen! Just press the oxygen tank button in-game to activate it (check your game settings for what key to press).

If you’re planning to go artifact hunting however, you will need a backpack instead of the oxygen tank. You cannot carry both at the same time! Note that equipping the backpack will give you an extra pocket, but this pocket can ONLY be used to carry an artifact found in the world, and nothing else!
Be sure to bring antitoxins though if you’re going into a poison cloud without an oxygen tank.

You will find these items under equipment, use the filter at the bottom of the shop window to find them easily!


And last but not least, you will need a gun! This is possibly the most important piece of equipment. The best way to protect yourself against enemies, is still putting a bullet in their head before they put one in yours! You probably already own a gun though, and I’m not going to go into detail on all of them in this guide, since much depends on personal taste. I suggest you experiment with different weapons in different situations.

The only question you should ask yourself is: “What kind of bullet should I put in my enemies head?”
Some guns can use different types of ammo. Check the detail window to see the difference. Ammo with little penetration will be less effective against enemies wearing heavy armor, but it may do more damage to unarmored targets, or it may be cheaper or weigh less!

Click the ammo button under your equipped weapons to manage your loadout.

Choose your ammo wisely, and bring plenty, after all, you don’t wanna run out of bullets in the middle of a fight! Remember to buy enough ammo for your storage, so you can refill after you’ve died and respawned in battle.
Check the box on the bottom if you want to automatically refill your ammo after every battle.
Also keep in mind your weight, if you bring too much ammo you might be overloaded, or you might not be able to carry other items you might need.

You will probably need to play a few games with a certain ammo loadout to find out how much you actually need.

5. PLAY!

That’s it! You are now ready to face the dangers of the world outside, and can go safely explore even the most hostile places… if there is such a thing as ‘safe’ in Survarium…..

I sincerely hope this guide will be of use to you, because if not, you will be dead! Good luck!!!
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Great work. Thanks for taking the time!
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Great introductory guide! Thanks!
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Thanks, first think I was looking for in the forum. Very useful.
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