Artifact Guide for Beginners - 0.22g - (+Ammo crate info)

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19.05.2014, 10:30

good post, well written
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30.05.2014, 10:51

thanks, now I know where I might find something when a mission regarding artifact hunt pops up, or just for the sake of collecting them anyway *;D
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J P Morgan Chase
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09.07.2014, 20:14

Right on man this was awesome found my first two artifacts today :) i think the key element they forgot to add in the official description of artifact hunting was the humming loud pitch sound that happens as its about to pop in.
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03.08.2014, 09:49

I m new to the game and there is a missions that required me to get one. This helps me big time. Thanks a lot, well done!
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05.08.2014, 15:18

Good resource, thanks for putting it together !
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08.08.2014, 15:52

It seems that Springs are back in Rudnya.

I've found it in the swamp, where there's the truck near the broken wood bridge. There's a little "island" with a skeleton on it: the artifact was inside the rib cage :)
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15.11.2014, 15:52

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!
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28.11.2014, 11:44

I thought artifacts weren't even in the game yet, good thing I read this :D
Then the backpack I dropped is quite useful after all :)
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22.12.2014, 02:51

I have seen orange dude in rudnya ( 0.26a ) but i can't find onyx anywhere, can someone tell me where it is
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24.12.2014, 02:24

slade_wilson:I have seen orange dude in rudnya ( 0.26a ) but i can't find onyx anywhere, can someone tell me where it is

I never seen there guy with that artifact. Maybe it is a bug with coloring or so. But when it is true, I want to know their position too. :D
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