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19.06.2014, 15:55

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20.06.2014, 05:09

Game looks totally sikwisit awesomesauce! If any chance of getting into the Beta: Hook Me Up! Would love to be a tester :)
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27.06.2014, 17:58

BigBANGtheory:What ever happened to the Suvarium players Unite competition, I can't even find a reference to it any longer?

Sorry to keep bringing this up, and after 3 weeks at the risk of being impatient... Where did this competition go? Its like its been deleted from Survarium existence...
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27.06.2014, 21:00

I hope to get the severe beta is an amazing game
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14.07.2014, 05:24

Realmordecar:i come to this forum first time and i think this game is awesome!
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27.07.2014, 01:44

ColonelThunder:I should like a contest in which i dont have to draw or paint anything, i really suck at that :P
But im average in writing story's and similar stuff, so i agree with ArielView

A lore based contest I would have fun with that
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29.07.2014, 13:45

IN GAME contests, scrims , clan battles make me furious...

so much skill and intense battle takes place...

Ayan zz
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29.07.2014, 16:14

I would love to be a tester as the beta it self already looks pretty solid.
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14.09.2014, 00:34

Nice update ^^
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01.11.2014, 19:43

I would like to get beta access,If I do, I will give honest feedback ,so far from what I seen of the game it looks like hella fun no joke i can't wait to play the game,you guys did amazing with atmosphere and terrain keep up the great work...don't forget I want in the beta lol
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