• Game Discussion
    Here you can discuss the game in general and provide us your opinion or feedback on the project.
  • Technical
    This section is for discussing technical questions relating to the Beta version of Survarium, including game-bugs.
  • Story
    This section is for discussing the story behind the game and Survarium universe.
  • In-Game Locations
    This is the place to discuss the game locations, as they are known to the current Survivors.
  • Game Modes
    This forum thread discusses the peculiarities of Survarium game modes.
  • Skills and Abilities
    Everything related to skills, abilities and characteristics of your in-game character can be discussed here.
  • Graphics and Sound
    Discussion of graphical errors, game lobby, locations and sound effects is held here.
  • Weapons and equipment
    Discuss the in-game weapons, equipment and features.
  • Shop
    This is the section to discuss the in-game shop purchases, the payment methods, as well as technical questions related to the shop.