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14.02.2017, 13:09

In Survarium Update 0.46 you can expect the first part of the game changes announced earlier. Read on to find out the key innovations arriving to the game soon!

Reduction of tiers of weapons and gear

In order to speed up the matchmaking, in the coming update we will reduce the total number of tiers for weapons and gear from 10 to 5. This decision will also allow us to diversify the assortment of each faction within one level. As for the items you already own, the current levels of weapons and gear will be proportionally preserved and adapted in line with the new system.

Gear system redesign

In Survarium Update 0.46 we will introduce a more transparent and structured system of gear. All the armor in the game will be split to three classes: light, medium and heavy. New ‘protection against explosion’ parameter will be added to the armor, while the weight of the equipment and weapons will directly impact the speed of your character’s movement.

Additionally, we’ve implemented the notion of equipment sets: the more items from one set you put on the character, the more bonuses you get. Various sets provide different bonuses, so the players can experiment with the gear.

Weapons in the game get a bunch of new characteristics: piercing of materials, chance of bleeding, stopping power, running speed, speed of running in aim, accuracy from the hip, recoil of first shots. Moreover, the set of characteristics for weapons of various classes can differ. For example, the chance of bleeding will be characteristic for sniper rifles only. As for piercing of materials, we will introduce the new formula of calculations. Thus, for instance, the armor-piercing bullets will now reduce the effective distance, but increase the piercing of materials.

Another innovation towards the recoil parameter: now every weapon in-game will have its own characteristic profile of recoil when shooting. The automatic weapons will also get an additional parameter of recoil for the first bullets: they will fly predictably, which will allow the players to use adjustment fire. To avoid use of macros, the recoil profile will always have an element of randomization. Therefore, the ‘scatter’ parameter will be completely removed from the game: now the bullet flies exactly where your sight is looking, the weapon dispersion is brought in correspondence with the real counterparts. ... 11x590.jpg

Such approach will allow us to ensure the behaviour of each weapon in-game is truly unique and will let the players pick a weapon most fitting their style of play.

Changes to the In-game supplies

For all the grenades we will considerably increase the parameter of piercing obstacles and chance of break of extremities. We will add two new medkits, the current ones will undergo changes. Anaesthetic will now become a supply too. The healing totem will yield protection from damage, while traps will always break legs. The tiers of multiple supplies and their parent factions have been overhauled.

New FOV for weapons

We are redesigning the field of view (FOV) for weapons to make the feel of using weapons in the game more realistic and comfortable. See the current and new weapons FOV compared on the screenshot below. ... 6x1038.jpg

New game maps variations

In the Survarium 0.46 update the already known game maps will receive a few new modifications. Thus, a traditional passage in the corridor may now be inaccessible, while an anomalous tree can replace the usual rusty car in the hub of the map. Such changes on the maps are designed to diversify the game tactics and add more unpredictability to the game. On top of the standard version each map is planned to have 3-4 modifications.

One more map-related change is about the ammo refill crates. We will introduce 1-2 additional ammo crates on each map. This will free up the need to return to the base: if you run out of ammo in the heat of the moment, just find the crate nearest to you and refill your stock. The time to use the crate and resupply has been halved. To prevent any abuse, once utilized, a cooldown timer will start. Until that cooldown time is over, you’ll be unable to refill ammo.

Start of public testing

We have already been testing the changes to the game modes on PTS and will be updating the test server as other changes get added to the test build of Survarium. Soon all the innovations mentioned above will be available to test on the PTS server. Stay tuned for more news coming!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.46 Preview

03.02.2017, 18:18

Around 6 PM GMT today, on February the 6th, we will update the PTS version of Survarium to include weapons with new FOV and technical improvements! Read more in the whole version of the news. Also read the previous changes in Survarium 0.45c0 on the PTS.

The Complete List of Changes in PTS 0.45c1

- The players get points basing on the distance they carried the artifact, and additional points for delivering the artifact to the base. Thus you will get maximum points if you deliver the artifact all by yourself. If several players worked together to deliver the artifact, each of them gets corresponding amount of points.

Visuals and Animation

- Changed field of view (FOV) for all weapons.

Technical Changes

- High delay should no longer cause fps drops.
- Also fixed situations when a character could die and resurrect (or his HP changed) during a shootout.

by Survarium DevTeam
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Topic: Test updated game modes on the PTS!

01.02.2017, 18:14

Test out two updated Survarium game modes on the PTS: we reworked Battery Retrieval and added an additional round in Artifact Hunt. Participate in the test by downloading new game version or updating Survarium PTS v. 0.45. Please note that the temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered in Survarium no later than December 5. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to login to the PTS if you have registered via Steam due to a different authentication system.
All testers will receive 10 thousand spare parts, 10 million silver, and 10 thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. Characters and progress in the main game as of December 5 will be copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way if receiving payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Please find the update notes below. Keep in mind those are not final and the changes will most likely go into Survarium Update 0.46. See you on the PTS!

The Complete List of Changes in PTS 0.45c0

Final Round in Artifact Hunt

- Final round starts if both teams have equal score when the match ends (15 mins pass). The final round lasts additional 3 minutes.
- You can't resurrect in the final round. The team which delivers the artifact or kills more enemies wins.
- If the final round ends in a tie, both teams lose.

Changing Batteries in "Battery Retrieval"

- A battery is considered lost if it's not in the spawn point, in the base or in the character's hands.
- Lost batteries gradually lose "health". It loses 100% in 45 seconds.
- Upon reaching 0% battery explodes and deals damage to everything around it: characters, devices, other batteries.
- Battery makes a specific sound before exploding.
- Battery explosion creates explosion particles and also makes a sound.
- Battery can be damaged by grenades, bullets and by other exploding batteries.
- When a battery falls it also receives damage depending on the fall height.
- Batteries immediately explode when falling down from a location.
- Destroyed batteries respawn in 30 seconds.

by Survarium DevTeam
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Topic: Test updated game modes on the PTS!

19.01.2017, 16:17

We are glad to inform the January Leagues Season in Survarium starts tomorrow, January the 20th and will continue until February the 20th!

This season comes as the first one in the new year, therefore we decided to offer the players the FN P90 SMG with unique camo of this year’s main symbol – the Red Fire Rooster! ... 84x853.jpg

- As for matchmaking, we’ll provide for two equipment brackets: equipment tiers from 8th to 10th (bracket #1) and equipment tiers from 5th to 7th (bracket #2). For instance, if you queue into a ranked match with equipment tier 9, be ready to fight in a battle with players equipped with items of tiers 8 to 10.

- To participate in ranked battles you need to equip tier 5 gear or higher.

- You will get 50% more experience, reputation and silver for ranked battles. Moreover, kills for unlocking weapon modules in ranked battles will be counted with a x1.5 coefficient (for instance, 10 kills in a ranked match will be counted as 15 kills for a module unlock progress).

- Just like in the previous season, you can lose your rank when losing matches and the stars, however, it’s impossible to fall lower than the 5th rank. Attention: players to have reached rank #1 can lose their position too now.

Take part in the ranking battles, win the matches to become one of the top 100 players in the first rank who will obtain the main prize of the season!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: January Leagues in Survarium Starting Tomorrow!

29.12.2016, 18:46

With the late December there comes a traditional time to round up the year passing by and build the plans for future. Within the past 12 months we have paid a lot of efforts to polishing the technical side of the game and developing the PvP-part of Survarium. Thus, we introduced the new graphics renderer for low-end PCs, pixel-perfect hit registration, pingless network synchronization, multiple improvements to the game’s performance and stability. A key step towards the fair play in Survarium was made with the integration of BattlEye anti-cheat service.

Among the key gameplay innovations there have been weapon modules, Artifact Hunt mode, tactical supplies, quick commands with voiceover, new user interface, changes in the Leagues system, daily quests and login rewards, as well as new weapons, in particularly pistols that we have focused on in the last few updates. Adding AI-controlled characters (bots) was yet another important step to have the project progress.

All those changes allow us build ambitious plans for the future of Survarium.

Having finalized the work on update 0.45 we got down to forming the development plans and priorities for the next year. Heated discussions are still going, but the top priority tasks have already been defined. Here’s the list:

Rebalancing weapons and gear

We want to bring the game weapons and gear to a simpler structure and make it more transparent to the players. For example, to implement a predictable scatter of fire, the more vividly defined classes of armor, make the gear weight impact the speed of movement more and so on. Additionally, we plan to reduce the overall number of equipment tiers in the game, which will not only provide more variations within each particular tier, but will also ensure faster match-making.

Modifying the system of anomalies and artifacts

We have received so many requests to revert to the old anomalies in the game that we cannot, but satisfy. We want to find the right balance between the use of static and dynamic anomalies, while ensuring they are correctly written into the canvas of the game in terms of balance between the opposing teams. In parallel to the changes in anomalies we also plan to revamp the characteristics and features of the artifacts, so as to make them more influencing the gameplay.


We haven’t forgotten and realize how important it is to develop new possibilities for the players, the traditional PvP modes aside. As first step, making use of the computer opponents, we would like to provide you with co-op missions playthrough on the dedicated maps. Further on, we plan to improve the abilities of the AI characters and add new types of NPCs, including animals and mutants, which will allow us improving the PvE component in the future.

System of skills and talents

We plan to redesign the current system of character skills to make the talent effects more sizeable, on one hand, and to make the factions differ more from each other, on the other one. Therefore, we plan to implement both universal skills for all the characters, so as individual ones, available purely with specific factions.

Advanced system of weapons modules

The system of weapons modification with modules has been a welcome addition with the players, so we’d like to expand the possibilities in that area. This relates as to increasing the overall number of weapon modules available, so as to changing the system of bonuses the modules deliver.

New weapons and gear, new maps

Of course, we couldn’t do without such things, so we are going to integrate those as our resources permit.

These are the key changes to Survarium we plan to make within the coming year. Further details on each of the features listed and more can be expected as we get to implementing those in-game.

On behalf of Vostok Games team let us share our sincere Thank You for supporting Survarium. May sound health, inspiration, joy and, of course, good luck in the battle abide with you!

Happy New Year 2017 and have a great holiday season!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium: New Year Diary

20.12.2016, 15:12

Survarium Update 0.45 is now live! Please find the complete list of changes or watch the video overview of the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.45 on the Public Test Server. The PTS is closed until the next update.

Not playing Survarium yet?
Download the latest version of the game here!

Survarium Update 0.45 Highlights
Daily Rewards
Following your multiple requests we are returning the incentive to login to the game more often. You will be receiving special bonuses for daily logins. Every fifth day you will receive extra rewards and on reaching the 15th day – a unique reward.

Daily Quests
To make the in-game quests more varied is yet another long awaited request from the community which we are also happy to satisfy. On top of the traditional missions the game will offer new daily quests which can bring you not only extra silver, experience points and reputation with the faction, but unique rewards too! These quests are simple, yet varied: win a match, play in squad, make x-number of frags with a specific weapon type, play for a specific faction and so on.

New Weapons
We continue expanding the arsenals of factions with new weapons. At the rank of Wachmeister (6th tier) the Black Market will offer a Colt M1911 pistol. This very pistol was recently voted for by the Survarium community and we are glad to fulfil the request of the players. The second new weapon in the game is Glock 17 pistol, which is to broaden the arsenal of the Scavengers.

Technical Improvements
With this update we introduce "pingless" network synchronization. In previous implementations of the network synchronization we continuously reduced the delay of player inputs, but it remained constant for everybody in the match. With 0.45 we make that value an individual one, so you are no longer dependent on the network conditions of other players. Besides, we minimize the response time to change of the network conditions, which will considerably reduce the number of input shifts without increasing the delay parameter much. All that will result in improved comfort of play regardless of the systems' performance and network conditions of other players in the match.

The Complete List of Changes
Daily Rewards

- Log into the game regularly to gather more bonuses.
- Every fifth day you will receive extra rewards and on reaching the 15th day – a unique reward.

Daily Quests

- These quests are updated daily. Daily Quests are separate from missions.
- Daily Quests are easier than missions, but cannot be further simplified.
- You will receive a reward for each of the Daily Quests.
- Complete all 3 Daily Quests and receive an additional reward: a box that contains various items including rare equipment (with a small chance).


- You can now interrupt reloading by sprinting.
- Spawn invulnerability time reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.
- Changed draw and holster times for all weapons. Sniper rifles have the longest time, pistols have the shortest.
- Every pistol is drawn in 0.4 sec and holstered in 0.5 sec.
- Batteries left on the ground in Battery Retrieval mode are now displayed on the mini-map so teams do not hide batteries.
- Batteries are not displayed on the mini-map in the following cases: a battery is on its respawn point, or it is put into the device at a base, or it is carried by a character.


- Removed spawn points near battery storage in Battery Retrieval mode.
- Removed spawn points near artifact storage in Artifact Hunt mode.
- Changed artifact spawn points in Artifact Hunt mode.

Technical Changes

- Improved network synchronization due to introduction of individual delay for each of the players.
- Now you are no longer dependent on the network conditions of other players.
- Read more about the synchronization in the preview.

Equipment and Weapons

- New pistol – Glock 17. Damage is 24, armor-piercing is 45, rate of fire is 450, weight is 0,9 кг, magazine size is 17. At the moment available only as a rare drop from a box you get when completing all 3 Daily Quests.
- New pistol – Colt M1911. At the moment available as the Daily Login reward for veteran players on the 15th day.
- Colt Python: damage increased from 40 to 60.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed various UI issues.
- Fixed all known issues that lead to crashes of the matchmaking servers.
- Fixed issues when using a mouse with a high poll rate.

Download Survarium 0.45 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!
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by joewillburn
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.45 is now live!

28.10.2016, 11:26

Hi everyone,

Herewith the Q&A from yesterday's Facebook Live video in text format. For those of you who wish to watch the video, you can do so here. Enjoy!

1: Will the killcam be improved so it doesn't confuse players? At the moment it does not compensate for the “delay” in the game.
The killcam shows the game from the eyes of your enemy. The reason why you may experience a delay-related problem is basically due to the fact that between you and the other player there is always a time “distance” from you to the server and from the server to the other player. It’s impossible to remove it, yes. But generally speaking, the lower the ping difference between you and the other player, the less delay issues will be experienced. Previously we had the delay as fixed parameter, and that caused a lot of complaints, especially from low-ping players. Now we have it set to be dynamic and the number of delay-related complaints has been substantially reduced.

2: A lot of players use no recoil macros; will you do something about this?
We’re ready to deal with this issue. At the moment though we don’t understand how critical an issue it is in the game. We’d appreciate if you could provide us with more information, such as reports, videos etc. of people you suspect may be using macros. This could help us prioritize the task properly.

3: Will 3D rendered scopes be returned to the game?
These were never been removed. All the scopes in the game are in 3D.

4: Why did you decide to remove squads from the ranked matches?
That was made due to severe imbalance issues which occurred in the ranking matches. Therefore we decided it would be fairer to have individual players compete in ranking matches. In the meantime, we plan to introduce a special team-play mode to the game to support clan- and squad-play in the game.

5: Why weren't bots used as a replacement for people who leave the match or go afk?
Currently bots are inferior to players (we are improving them all the time) and cannot perform all the actions available to human players.

6: When will we have a real statistic collection for players, counting only player vs player interaction without bots?
We’re already working on a solution to reduce the effect of the bots on player stats. Not sure that we can neglect bots completely as they still pose a challenge to the player and are a vital part of the game development going forward.

7: In its actual state the spawn protection is hurting the battery game mode. Will you remove it from the battery mode?
We plan to add changes to the Battery Retrieval and Artifact Hunt modes to prevent players abusing the game mechanics. Expect that to be added with one of the next updates.

8: When playing with a high ping the delay goes even higher. Can you explain why?
Delay = Ping + time to resend messages when packet loss occurs. Which therefore means it will never be lower than your ping.

9: When will the middle anomaly on Tarakanovsky Fort work the same for both renders?
The plan is to continue improving the functionality of the new renderer by gradually adding features from the older renderer. Ultimately we want to only have the new renderer. But it should have all the functionality to make the game look very good on high-end systems. At that point the anomaly will look and work exactly the same.

10: There are fps drops with the new render (low end PCs) and even on good gaming PCs; what causes this and are you working on a fix?
Try playing with the latest 0.44d update; it contains a number of fixes which improve that. We expect, if not all, definitely the majority of players who had such issues before to notice performance improvements to their game.

11: Are there plans to add pistol stocks?
We are considering expanding the system of gun modules in the game. We’re not ready to comment on pistols yet, but we’re happy to consider that option.

12: Any new game modes coming?
You can expect to see a mode encouraging squad/clan play soon! We are also considering some other exciting ideas!

13: How's development going with the new character controller?
Currently it’s put on hold, primarily for the reason that we’ve already managed to speed up the current character controller significantly by other means. Another reason why we wanted to implement a new character controller was to remove places on levels where the player can get stuck. This is a fix we’re going to do nevertheless. So even without the new character controller integrated at this point, players can already experience performance improvements which the new character controller was designed for initially.

14: Is it possible to add a notification under a user in your friends list showing when they were last online?
Thanks for the idea, will be considered.

15: In terms of game development, are we close to a final product?
No, don’t think so. Although much has been done, there are still a lot of ideas that haven’t been integrated as yet.

16: Will you add more WW2 era weapons to the game?
There’s a decent arsenal of guns in the game already, our first priority would be to fill in the ‘gaps’ for example, with pistols, having said that, new weapons, including those of WW2 era could make it to the game as well.

17: Why do all the weapons look brand new? In the post-apocalypse, everything should be broken, scratched and dirty.
This most likely relates the new renderer for low-end systems where we had to remove all effects of scratches and wear for performance reasons. If talking about the primary (old) renderer, we have that all in place.

18: Will the Treasure Hunt offer rare equipment and not just weapons?
We’re working on improvements to that system. Currently it’s in its initial implementation, but we see the room for improvement. Certainly equipment is not excluded.

19: What do you think of announcing the winners of the ultra-rare weapons (M82, Jackhammer and such) in general chat?
We have been considering a system to inform players of important things happening in the game, especially when it refers to your friend list. There are pros and cons though: If messages appear often, there’s a risk you’d feel spammed, so you’d rather want them to be switched off. But we are happy to consider a solution to make the game more informative and social.

20: Is this possible to make the old lobby an option for players to choose?
I don’t think it’s possible, since we are talking not only about background design, but also the layout of menus, buttons etc. We’d rather be open to improvements of the current lobby. We still haven’t forgotten the idea of several lobby designs based on the faction you align with, it’s more that we haven’t had the time necessary to integrate those.

21: Does VG have a philosophy of covering most players vs. those who invested time (2+ years or so)? A clear answer would be appreciated. If yes, and the policy is to bring in new players, have them pay, are disappointed and then repeat the whole cycle again - at least this should be mentioned clearly.
In a nutshell, the philosophy is roughly as follows: improve the performance and player experience with the game for all the players; make the game smoother for newcomers; provide ‘old’ players with new experiences and content.

22: Is it possible to make the gear belonging to your current faction have lower replenishment / purchase / repair cost?
If your question relates to creating an incentive for the player to use gear from his faction only, yes, we are thinking of ways how this could be improved in the game.

23: These days, everyone seems to play TDM - the fastest match search + most frequent mode played. Could statistics confirm this?).
Currently we have two modes which are most popular: TDM and Research. We plan to add changes to the other modes in an effort make them more interesting for players.

24: Is it possible to return counters - like, how many players are in queue in which tier, in which game modes etc.?
We’ll discuss this idea, thanks.

26: Is it possible to apply different reward rates (multipliers) for different modes? E.g. TDM to have the highest rewards for kills, high KD, accuracy and least number of deaths, Research; highest reward for capturing a point alone, Batteries and Artifact hunt, on top of rewards per battery / artifacts brought, should have bonuses for killing those who assault your fellow team mate who carries the item.
Good idea, appreciated. In general, your ideas on how to make the game modes more balanced and interesting are welcome.

27: The game is unfair on all high ELO players and basically forces them to lose 70% of the time by giving them teammates with low a very low ELO. Would it be possible to tone down the meaning of ELO in matchmaking?
Yes, and we already have a solution for that. But to make it work we need more players online! Spread the word!

28: Do you think, in the future, we'll have some sort of e-sport tournaments in Survarium?
We’d love to, yes!

29: I would love to see more methods of earning spare parts in the game. We used to be able to break down items for parts but that was removed since it was too easy. Is a new system coming into place allowing for more spare parts to be earned?
We’re not ready to comment on this one yet, but we have some ideas. Stay tuned!

30: Is it possible to make more pre-sets available for saving? I don't mean having them available in-game - the premium profile philosophy is pretty clear and having 3 profiles available per match is fine. My point is enabling 3-4 to be saved per tier.
That’s already available in the game.

31: What's the story element behind player keeping an artifact once he respawns?
The artefact is usually not easy to get in the game. Also, since combos have better effect we need to have the player preserve it and be able to combine. At least while we have the current system of anomalies and artifacts in the game.

32: Will it be possible to select the maps you want to play?
For now we don’t plan to add this functionality in Random and Rank Matches. But you can do it in the Training mode.

33: Is it possible to make artifacts spawn more often and/or in places rarely visited? Their locations are too predictable.
Not without redesigning the current artifacts/anomaly system.

34: Why are oxygen tanks automatic? Applying the same logic, the medkits / bandages or painkillers should administer automatically as the character receives gunfire or explosive damage.
We used to have it activated by a hotkey. Later this was made automatic as it was inconvenient to many players. I’d say such changes need to be considered only in the context of general redesign to how the anomalies work in the game.
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by joewillburn
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Topic: Q&A 27/10/2016

29.09.2016, 16:51

Hi everybody!

After the release of Update 0.44 we have planned a few hefty changes to the game that we would like to share with you today.

The first change is about splitting all the battles into two variations, Random and Ranking. Now you will be able to choose whether to play a standard match or a ranking based one (League). Let's take a close look at each of the scenarios.

In the Random Battle mode:

- Both individual players and squads will be allowed;
- Any equipment tier is allowed;
- Battles are always 8 vs 8;
- Expansion of gear tiers during matchmaking is prohibited: if you are wearing a tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match only;
- Instead of expanding the tiers during matchmaking the number of bots added will increase, but no more than half of the team;
- The player ranking in Random Battles is calculated individually based on ELO formula;
- The teams are balanced based on the player ranking, bots are added in equal numbers into both teams;
- As always, when searching for a game you can disable two of the four game modes;
- The results of the battle do not affect your progress in the Leagues;
- Based on the battle results you receive experience, silver, reputation with your faction and trophies (when victorious).

In the Ranking Match mode (Leagues):

- Only game characters of level 4 and above will be allowed;
- Only solo players will be allowed, no squads admitted*;
- Battles are always 8 vs 8 players;
- Expansion of the equipment tiers is prohibited: if you are wearing tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match;
- Match making is based only on the gear tiers 4, 6, 8 and 10. If you equip tier-5 gear you will be matched into a 6th level match, if 7th – level 8, if the 9th – level 10 respectively;
- As always, the Leagues require a certain gear level for you to progress;
- The position of the player in ranking matches does not depend on that as in the Random Battles and is calculated individually based on the ELO formula;
- The teams are balanced as equal (in terms of summarized ranking of the players) as possible; the match-making continues until such balance is ensured;
- Choosing game modes is disabled;
- The battle result impacts your progress in the Leagues as follows (players are sorted based on the number of points gained in the match):
In the winning team:
- The top 4 players receive 1 star
- The 5th player receives 0.75 star
- The 6th player receives 0.5 star
- The 7th player receives 0.25 star
- The 8th player receives no stars
In the losing team:
- The 5-8th players lose 1 star
- The 4th player loses 0.75 star
- The 3rd player loses 0.5 star
- The 2nd player loses 0.25 star
- The top player loses nothing

Other Changes
To complete the integration of all the features mentioned above we need some more time, therefore we decided to extend the current Leagues Season by one week and to open the new Season on October 7th. It will become a bit shorter and hugely experimental, but we hope you will like the new rules.

In addition, we're planning slight changes to the Team Deathmatch mode. Now each kill will give you not 10, but 15 points. However, each death will have 5 points deducted from your score.

The launch of the game update featuring the changes mentioned is planned for October 7th.

*To support the clans and squad play we plan to introduce a "Team vs Team" play mode in one of the future updates. There you will be able to gather your team and invite another team to battle against yours (5 vs 5 players minimum).

by Survarium DevTeam
Forum: News
Topic: New in Survarium: Random Battle and Ranking Matches

15.09.2016, 15:07

Hello Survivors! As you already know, Survarium 0.44 will introduce several important innovations, such as bots, changes in the treasure hunting system, new supplies and pistols. Yet, one long-awaited addition has been kept secret until now.

We are glad to announce that starting from the Survarium Update 0.44 the game client will be protected by the BattlEye system! We joined forces with BattlEye Innovations to continue fighting with cheaters even more effectively.
It’s worth noting that Survarium originally uses the cheat-proof network protocol, which ensures protection against all possible hacks apart from Wallhack/ESP and Aimbot. Now there’s no more room for those in the game. The system will instantly prevent using such cheats in the game.

Therefore, once a player is detected using prohibited software, they will automatically leave the battle and their account, banned. Other players will be notified accordingly in the match and the in-game lobby. Our goal is to ensure fair play for all the players in Survarium, therefore we’ll stay vigilant and continue fighting against cheaters.

Play fair and win gloriously in Survarium!

by Survarium DevTeam
Forum: News
Topic: Client-Side Anticheat in Survarium 0.44

08.08.2016, 19:17

Hi everyone,

Here's a contest (very simple) where you stand a chance to win a Premium L85A2 Assault Rifle.

Enter on Facebook or Twitter
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by joewillburn
Forum: Official Contests
Topic: Win a Premium L85A2 Assault Rifle this August!

22.07.2016, 13:46

This weekend we are having the Stolen Parts event again. During the event you will get a spare part each time you kill the enemy character. The more frags you have over the course of the battle, the more spare parts you get after the match. Bonus spare parts along with the rest of the rewards are awarded after the match ends.

The event has already started and lasts until July 25, 12 PM GMT. Get bonus spare parts and upgrade your equipment to the maximum!
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by Yava
Forum: News
Topic: Get Spare Parts for Frags on the Weekend!

19.07.2016, 09:57

Survarium Update 0.43b is now live! Please find the complete changelog in the update below.

Technical Changes
    • Notifications of the mission rewards when quitting the game before the match end fixed;
    • Synchronization issues when entering an anomaly with an artifact activated fixed;
    • Player model hit registration error fixed;
    • FPS drops when shooting fixed.
See you on the battlefields of the game!
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by Yava
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Topic: Installing Survarium 0.43b Tomorrow

18.07.2016, 15:32

Starting at 8AM GMT tomorrow, July 19, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.43b. The expected downtime is about 15-30 minutes. We will inform you as soon as the servers are back online!
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by Yava
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Topic: Installing Survarium 0.43b Tomorrow

14.06.2016, 17:51

We are launching a new screenshot contest and we would love all of you to take part.

Here are the guidelines:
▪ The contest lasts until Tuesday, 28 June 2016
▪ Entries must be emailed to joemullinvostokgames(at)
▪ Include your Survarium username along with your entry
▪ To disable the HUD, open the console by pressing the ~ key and type "ui 0" and "ui 1" (without the quotation marks)
▪ The winner will be selected a notified by email

We look forward to your entries and can't wait to see your creativity. Good luck Survivors!
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by joewillburn
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Topic: Survarium Screenshot Contest: Win 1 Month Premium

16.05.2016, 19:22

It’s been five days since the new Leagues season started in Survarium. Today we are glad to share the first results! In the first few days since the launch of the Survarium 0.42 update, over 35 thousand players have taken part in the Leagues!

Check out the stats and current rankings in the Leagues as of today:
1st League: 21 players;
2nd League: 75 players;
3rd League: 230 players;
4th League: 622 players;
5th League: 1181 players;
6th League: 2201 players;
7th League: 3480 players;
8th League: 4838 players;
9th League: 5590 players;
10th League: 17591 players.

Here’s the list of players who have reached the top league so far:

Славяна – БанЧата;
Хазбаш Ампутатор;
Акакий Помидорыч;
K a i z a

Those players have demonstrated great results in a short period of time and their will for victory is truly admirable. Congrats and keep it up guys! Your rewards have been duly provided.

Want to see your character in a top league and receive valuable rewards? Fight as a team in battles and receive stars for your team’s victory! Having collected a required number of stars you automatically reach the next league. Each new league becomes more challenging to achieve, but the rewards get better too!

Please, note that once a month the leagues refresh and all the players restart their challenge for victory. So make sure you play actively to receive top rewards while the current league runs!
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by joewillburn
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Topic: Survarium Leagues Statistics Update

10.04.2016, 15:12

Starting from 10:00 Kiev time (GMT+2) tomorrow Survarium game servers will be unavailable due to system maintenance. We expect the servers to be back online within 30 minutes after.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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by Yava
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Topic: Server maintenance

05.04.2016, 10:43

Please find the complete list of changes or watch the video overview of the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.41 on the Public Test Server. The PTS is closed until the next update.

Not playing Survarium yet?
Download the latest version of the game here!

Survarium 0.41 Change List
Don't want to read through the complete list? Watch the video highlighting the main features of Survarium 0.41!

Watch Survarium 0.41 Overview on Youtube

Survarium 0.41 Highlights

Heroes of the Day
Compete in one or several of the daily nominations by simply playing the game! Become The Best Player by scoring as many points as possible in a single match. Win in Killstreak or Winstreak nominations by achieving the longest killstreak or winstreak correspondingly. The winners in each of the nomination categories get a unique icon displayed next to their names and a bonus to experience, reputation and silver for the next 24 hours.

Tactical Supplies
Survarium Update 0.41 adds new supplies to the game. Use the sensors to detect opponents and enemy mines or traps. Destroy anomalies with the Anomaly Capacitor, resupply your teammates with an Ammo Box, and heal them with the Healing Totem!

Changes to Equipment Parameters
Now the equipment of a higher level has better stats, specifically modifiers like decreasing recoil on gloves, movement speed on boots, etc. We are also changing the bleeding formula to this: the more weapon armor-piercing exceeds equipment armor, the higher the chance to cause a bleeding effect on a character hit. This makes higher tier equipment superior to lower tiers!

Version for Low-End PCs (New Renderer)
You can now enable a new renderer, which was developed specifically for older PCs and laptops. In this case performance can be substantially increased! However, keep in mind this is at the expense of image quality.

Further improvements to the UI
In Update 0.41 we have reworked most of the game screens from scratch. Now it's time to update the battle interface. Also we have updated the faction selection screen and added the funcionality to save and load up to 10 equipment presets.

New Equipment and Weapon
In addition to tactical supplies, we are introducing the SVU, a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a bullpup configuration. Plus, Black Market, Scavengers and The Fringe Settlers get several new pieces of 4-7 tier equipment.

The Complete List of Changes in Survarium 0.41
Heroes of the Day
Introduced daily rankings that let you competing for the first places and rewards in one or several nominations at once:

The Best Player. To secure the first place in this nomination you have to get more points in a single match than other players.
Killstreak. To win in this nomination you need to achieve the longest killstreak in a single match.

Winstreak. This nomination is for players who have the highest consecutive number of wins in matches.

Take the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in one of the nominations to get a bonus to experience, reputation and silver for the next 24 hours. You also get a unique icon which is displayed next to your nickname. When choosing the winners, only the last day's results are taken into account.


- The bleeding formula has been changed. The more weapon armor-piercing exceeds equipment armor, the higher the chance to cause a bleeding effect on a character hit.
- Bleeding may start when the health of a body part drops below a certain threshold.
- Introduced protection from the anomalies for the characters that have less than 10 battles (essentially the protection is for newcomers).


- Added a slot for tactical supplies. The tactical supplies are listed below.
- Throwing Sensor: level 6 tactical supply for Scavengers. Thrown like a grenade and detects enemies in 10 meter radius. Lasts for 10 seconds. You can equip two into the slot.
- Stationary sensor: level 8 tactical supply for the Renaissance Army. Detects enemies in a 15 meter radius. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown is 2 minutes; it can be destroyed. You can equip one into the slot.
- Anomaly capacitor: level 2 tactical supply for The Fringe Settlers. Thrown like a grenade and destroys an anomaly. You can put two into the slot.
- Healing totem: level 8 tactical supply for The Fringe Settlers. Recovers 10% HP per second for all allies around 5 meter radius, this will last for 30 seconds. Cooldown is 2 minutes; it can be destroyed. You can equip one into the slot.
- Ammo box: level 8 tactical supply for the Black Market. Allows you and your allies to replenish ammunition and supplies. It lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown is 2 minutes; it can be destroyed. You can put only one into the slot.
- Antitoxin is now level 2 tactical supply for Scavengers.
- Smoke grenade is now level 2 tactical supply for the Renaissance Army.
- Trap is now available at reputation level 2 for the Black Market.
- MON-50 is now is now available at reputation level 6 for the Black Market.
- PMN-3 is now available at reputation level 6 for The Fringe Settlers.
- Medkit is now available at reputation level 4 for Scavengers.
- Army medkit is now available at reputation level 4 for the Renaissance Army.
- Painkillers is now available at reputation level 4 for the Black Market.
- Science medkit is now available at reputation level 4 for The Fringe Settlers.
- RGO is now available at reputation level 6 for the Renaissance Army.
- Level of supplies are now displayed. These levels also affect character equipment level.

Equipment and Weapons

- SVU: new level 8 sniper rifle for Scavengers.
- Stalker Helmet: new level 6 helmet for The Fringe Settlers.
- Sentry Helmet: new level 7 helmet for the Black Market.
- Saboteur Helmet: new level 5 helmet for Scavengers.
- Biker Pants: new level 4 pants for the Black Market.
- Maximum and minimum values of the modifiers now depend on the equipment level (bigger for higher level equipment).
- "Sponge": damage in the center of the cloud created by the artifact is decreased to 20 per second.
- "Sponge": the damage is higher in the center of the cloud and drops to the edge, but not as drastic as before.
- "Sponge": the cloud duration increased to 15 seconds.
- ASh-12: damage decreased to 34.
- AK-12: damage increased to 28.
- FN Minimi: damage decreased to 24.
- Kriss Vector: damage decreased to 22.
- RPK-74M: damage increased to 28.
- H&K UMP-45: damage increased to 27.
- SKS: rate of fire decreased to 250.
- SOK-94: rate of fire decreased to 250.
- Antiradar Veil now protects the character from detection by sensors.
- Equipment and weapons can no longer be disassembled into spare parts.


- The range of possible run speed modifier values for level 10 equipment are now 1%-2.5% (up from 0.5%-2.5%).
- Possible run speed modifier values are now higher for high tier equipment.
- The range of possible recoil modifier values for level 10 gloves are now 2%-5% (up from 1%-5%).
- Values of the majority of built-in modifiers are higher for high tier equipment.

Visuals and Animations

- You can now choose to use the new renderer. This will increase performance at the expense of visual quality.
- Added tactical reload animation for Vepr Wanderer.
- Updated lighting in the lobby.

User Interface

- Added visual presets you can choose from.
- The friends list now has a tab with a list of clan members.
- Updated the faction selection window.
- Match end screen has been updated.
- Battle UI has been updated.
- Death screen has been updated.
- Equipment descriptions in the shop have been updated. Now pros and cons are displayed.
- Rare weapons are marked are now marked with a star icon.
- Fixed the display of the oxygen tank in-game.
- It is now possible to save and load up to 10 equipment presets.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with faction selection in the tutorial.
- Fixed camera focusing distance in the lobby.
- Fixed texts in the tutorial and encyclopedia.
- Improved the stability of the game client.
- Fixed camera in the Workshop.
- Fixed head defense for several helmets.
- Fixed the display of too long clan messages of the day.

Download Survarium 0.41 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

Read the news on the site
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by joewillburn
Forum: News
Topic: Survarium Update 0.41 is now live!

22.02.2016, 14:33

Today you will now be given access to the new version of the in-game renderer, V2.0. Please go into the game options menu, select "graphics" and there you will find the option to select Version 1 or 2. Upon selecting number 2 please restart your game client.

Now, we have a few very important tasks for you to complete.

1. Has the performance improved for and how much? A comparison of FPS between the old and new renderer, in other words.

2. Which locations work better and worse for you. What's the best and worst experience with regards to the new renderer performance throughout various locations.
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by joewillburn
Forum: Supertester Camp
Topic: Renderer Version 2.0 Feedback

16.02.2016, 18:26

We're glad to announce that the Public Test Server with Survarium update 0.40 is live! To participate in the test, please download new game version. You can install the PTS version simultaneously with Survarium version 0.34. Please note that the PTS will only be available during work hours on weekdays. Also temporary shutdowns are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered in Survarium no later than February 11. The Public Test Server is located in CIS, so players from Americas and Europe will have a higher ping compared to public version of the game. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to login to the PTS if you have registered via Steam due to a different authentication system.
All testers will receive a million silver and ten thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. All ranks with all Survarium factions will be unlocked so you can buy any weapons and equipment you want. Characters and progress in the main game as of February 11 will be copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way if receiving payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Read the update notes of Survarium 0.40 below. Please note that those are not final. The public server will receive version improved based on the results of the testing! See you on the PTS!

Survarium 0.40 Highlights

New User Interface
In Survarium 0.40 we have reworked the lobby interface to increase its usability and make it more user-friendly, visually attractive and up-to-date. We understand that you will need some time to get used to the changes. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the usability and interactivity of the new UI. In our nearest plans is also updating the battle interface and adding new functionality.

Weapon Modules
Now you can modify the weapons by installing different modules! The number of available modules for each weapon depends on its type and tier. To unlock the module you have to perform a certain number of kills from the weapon.
Modules change both the characteristics of the wepon and its visuals. Say, laser sight decreases the dispersion when firing from the hip. Vertical grip decreases the recoil, and angled grip decreases the penalty to recoil while moving. Find the complete list of modules below!

Changes in the Economy
We believe it is wrong to penalize you for playing actively and using consumables so we have decided not to take into account the number of used cartridges and supplies when calculating the cost of playing in a battle. Ammo and supplies still have a price of usage which will be added to the total cost of participation in battle. You will see this cost on the equipment screen.

Voiced Quick Commands and New Music
We have added English voice overs for all quick commands in the game. Now it will be easier for you to communicate with the teammates in the heat of battle. Moreover, there’s now unique music in Survarium lobby and on load screens of each level. To cap it all, special music added before the round ending, as well as at victory and loss!

Version for low-end PCs (New Renderer)
The new render was developed so the game runs well on older PCs and laptops. Our goal was to achieve 30 frames per second on Intel HD Graphics 4000. Thus, you will get a better framerate on the newer videocards. This also means that you will get 60 fps on the majority of the gaming PCs . Alas, to improve the performance we had to sacrifice the visual quality. However, the difference between the old and new renders won’t be drastic.

IMPORTANT! Right after the PTS start the new render won’t be available since we need to test the game stability with the old render. In a few days supertesters will be able to switch to the new render on. As the time goes, we will choose more to receive the access to the new render. This will allow us to test it on the maximum number of different hardware configurations.

The Complete List of Changes in Survarium 0.40

  • Added a mission to collect Artifacts. To complete the task you need to collect 3/5/7 artifacts in a battle. An Artifact is deemed collected if you have at least one artifact slot available. Anomaly destruction is not counted.
  • Collecting artifacts during battle no longer awards points.
  • Oxygen tanks now activate automatically when entering the anomalous zone and deactivate when leaving.
  • Anomaly damage protection added for characters that played less than 10 battles.

Weapons and Equipment

  • RGO blast radius increased to 8 meters (from 6 meters).
  • Gear defects system is deactivated.
  • You can no longer find items with defects on the aftermatch search screen.
  • "Reliability" modifier removed. All the reliability modifiers on your equipment will automatically be replaced with other ones.
  • You can no longer take two types of ammo for one gun into battle.
  • The stopping power of all weapons has been reduced.
  • The character can be slowed by no more than 60% (character speed cannot be lower than 40%).
  • Recoil when firing has been increased by 20-30% for all weapons.
  • The Reloading Speed modifier increment has been reduced to 2% (used to be 3%), the max value reduced to 10% (used to be 15%).
  • Aiming speed now depends on the weapon’s weight and type.

Weapon Modules

  • You will now unlock the weapons modules by killing opponents.
  • The unlocked modules can be installed on your weapons.
  • Each module improves certain weapon characteristics, sometimes lowering other parameters. Find the complete list of module types below.
  • Modules for each weapon have to be unlocked separately.
  • The number of kills required to unlock each module depends on the tier of your gun.
  • Modules for weapons received during in-game events unlock independently of their standard version counterparts.
  • All premium weapons are provided with all modules unlocked.
  • Your premium weapons will receive all the modules automatically.
  • Each weapon can have no more than 3 modules installed at a time.
  • Some lower tier weapons have only two modules available.
  • The starting weapons have no unlockable modules.

Types of Modules

Muzzle Devices

  • Flash Hider: reduces muzzle flashes.
  • Vertical and horizontal muzzle breaks: decrease the vertical and horizontal recoil by 5%.
  • Silencer: reduces the shot loudness, decreases the effective range by 10%.
  • Duckbill: decreases the vertical dispersion of buckshot.
  • Choke: decreases the dispersion of buckshot.
  • Heavy barrel: reduces the dispersion by 20%.
  • Long barrel: increases the effective range by 20%.

Grips and Laser Sights

  • LS (laser sight): reduces the dispersion when firing from the hip by 10%.
  • Vertical grip: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Angled grip: reduces the scatter of fire in movement by 10%.
  • Potato grip: reduces the sight sway by 15%.


  • Collimator.
  • х2 scope.
  • х3 scope.
  • х4 scope.
  • х6 scope.
  • х8 scope.
  • Alternate х3/х6 magnification scope.
  • Alternate х4/х8 magnification scope.

Gunstocks (only for AS VAL, 9A-91, VSS, VSK-94 instead of muzzle devices)

  • Ergonomic stock: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Sniper stock: reduces the aiming time by 20%.

Decals and Camouflages

  • Standard (non-premium) decals and camouflages cannot be purchased in the shop or received after the match. They can be received for achievements only.
  • All the decals and camouflages are now available in one copy only, but can be applied to any number of equipment.
  • The list of your decals and camouflages is available in the Workshop.
  • Decals and camouflages now increase experience and reputation gain.
  • You will automatically receive the decals and camouflages you had before the update, even if you don’t have the appropriate achievements yet.
  • If you had several copies of the same decal or camouflage, only one will remain. The rest will be removed and you will get their full price.
Special Items and Boosters

  • The slot for special items has been removed.
  • Special items now function similarly to boosters (experience/reputation/silver boosters).
  • The cost of every special item is now 1500 silver.
  • Special items last several battles (3 battles on PTS).
  • Experience, silver and reputation boosters now also last several battles (3 battles on PTS).
  • Cost of every +50% booster is now 10 gold.
  • You can still find special items and boosters after a battle.
  • Special items and boosters have their own interface window (in the right corner of the main lobby screen).
  • You will still have all the special items and boosters you had before the update.


  • Supplies (grenades, medkits, traps, mines) are no longer stacked in the inventory.
  • Supplies are now free-of-charge.
  • When clicking on the supply slot you will see what can be placed in that slot.
  • For the locked items you can see their unlock conditions.
  • When selecting an item it automatically fills the slot to its maximum capacity (the quantity can be amended to reduce the overall equipment weight).
  • Items can no longer be found after the match.
  • "Motherworth" now reduces the sight sway by 15% (used to be 20%).
  • All your supplies will automatically be sold for their purchase price.

Calculation of the Battle Costs

  • The total cost of ammo now does not depend on the number of clips taken into battle.
  • The cost of ammo is included in the cost of weapons.
  • Now your equipment does not have wrecks, but there is a repair cost after the battle. This cost is fixed.
  • The modifiers no longer influence the equipment repairs cost.
  • Each equipment profile has its own cost, depending on the items it has.
  • The total cost of battle is calculated proportionally to the time you used each of the profiles.
  • When you don’t have enough silver to repair an expensive profile, you will be notified it’s impossible to start a match. The game will suggest to switch off the expensive profiles.
Character Skills

  • Reloading: increment per level reduced to 5% (used to be 10%).
  • Steady breath: increment per level increased to 3% (used to be 2%).
User Interface

  • Quick commands in battle are now selected in radial menu (accessed by pressing middle mouse button/wheel by default).
  • In-game lobby interface has been completely redesigned.
  • Icons of all items, skills, tasks and modifiers have been redesigned.
  • The in-game encyclopedia has been updated with new articles, old images replaced.
  • Now each item in the workshop has a list of the available modifiers with their range of possible values.
  • The friend list now indicates for how long the player has been in battle.
  • Survarium launcher has been redesigned to correspond to the new in-game UI.
  • The design of the game logo has been updated.
Visuals and Animation

  • You can now try on equipment on your character before purchasing it.
  • New log in scenes have been implemented.
  • Created a new lobby scene.
  • Added new animations for weapons with modules.
  • Added simplified models (LOD) for all the equipment.

Sound and Music

  • Unique music for each level’s loading screen added.
  • Unique music for in-game lobby added.
  • Music to indicate the match about to end added.
  • Victory/loss music added.
  • Voiceovers for all quick commands added in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. For game localizations in other languages English voiceovers are used.

Technical Changes

  • New renderer for low-end computers added. On the PTS only the selected Supertesters will be able to activate it in the game and only after a special announcement. As the time goes, we will be inviting new Supertesters.
  • Support for several simultaneous in-game events added.
  • Registration and login via VKontakte social network added. However, this feature will not work on the PTS since we are using a different login server. You will be able to link your Survarium account with your VKontakte account when Survarium 0.40 goes live! Of course, if you wish to do that.

Other Changes

  • End-User License Agreement has now been moved to the website.
  • Christmas sweater and pants have now been deactivated.
  • All the crates with awards for leagues will be automatically opened upon your first login into the game. You will receive the contents of the crates.
  • Crates with items have been removed from the game.
  • Leagues and clan battles have been deactivated.
  • New game tutorial added.
  • The first game session for newcomers has been simplified.

Bug Fixes

  • Authorization error when navigation to the web shop from the game client fixed.
  • Fixed various mistakes in the game localizations.
  • Fixed incorrect sounds of steps, when sounds were played with a huge delay or not played at all.
  • Fixed the achievements that were previously impossible to receive.
  • Incorrect faction tiers for several premium items fixed.
  • Colors of modified items have been changed. One modifier – green color, two modifiers – blue color. Used to be vice versa.
  • Passable wall on London has now been fixed.
  • Passable wall on Chemical Plant has now been fixed.
  • Hospital roof on Vostok Radar Station has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when the players could climb up to the roof of Vector Laboratory.
  • Fixed respawn points on Rudnya.
  • Fixed spots where you could travel beyond the boundaries of Vostok Radar Station.
  • Fixed spots where you could travel beyond the boundaries of Tarakanovsky Fort.
  • Other geometry fixes done on all the game maps.
  • Now the damage inflicted on hands is calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a synchronization issue when simultaneously activating onyx and larkspur artifacts.
  • The game client no longer crashes when the player receives more than 5 complaints on the killcam screen.

by Survarium DevTeam
Forum: News
Topic: Testing the Survarium Update 0.40 on the PTS!

13.02.2016, 00:56

To add to the previously mentioned comment by Stohe,

The current selection was made based on those who applied to participate and spent time playing the game for the last 2 weeks. Given that we are focused on testing the new graphics renderer as the key bottleneck of the upcoming update, our priority was to pick players with maximum different system configurations. The age of the account, player's location, his previous achievements and activity were not looked at seriously this time.

This said, the next waves of Supertesters are expected to follow soon. So, keep an eye on the news regarding the progress of the 0.40 build, participate in testing it on the PTS once it's available and make sure to leave your feedback on the update.

We are hoping the new graphics renderer will get successfully tested and made available to all the players of Survarium very soon.
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by Yava
Forum: News
Topic: Players to Test Renderer 2.0 Announced