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04.07.2014, 20:47

Developer's Diary 8 Released!

Today, after a long and often difficult road we bring you a new Developer Diary video; This time, speaking to many members of the team and getting their impressions and hopes for the Russian OBT as well as the future plans for the International OBT. We talk about future additions to the game, our plans for the next few months and where we hope to see the project grow over the next cycle of development. We hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to leave us your comments!
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by joewillburn
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20.06.2014, 15:22

Since the launch of the Survarium helpdesk we have processed a large number of applications. Through direct collaboration with the players, we’ve been able deal with every issue individually, listen to a lot of good ideas and suggestions and pick out the most popular requests.
With your wishes in mind, we have launched the Survarium Support section ( which will optimize communication between the developers and players.

Thanks to this section, you will be able to find solutions for frequently asked questions, consult a technician and send complaints of offenders and to share your ideas on development of the project.
The Knowledge Base and the form for submitting tickets are the main blocks of the Support section. The existing Knowledge Base is already filled with detailed answers to the most frequently sent requests. All topics are divided into 4 main sections; to quickly find a desired question just type keywords in the Search box (e.g., "login", "artifacts", etc.)

If the system does not display search results, go to the "Submit a Ticket" section, in which (after explaining your issue and selecting the required topic) you will be able to send a request to the support service. Our specialists will do everything possible to give an answer in the shortest possible time.
The Knowledge Base will be constantly updated and edited.
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by Андрияш Козловский
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20.05.2014, 13:49


We’re glad to announce a new Survarium screenshot contest for the Closed Beta participants. To take part you have to submit the most atmospheric or funny screenshot from the game.

- Each participant should submit maximum 2 screenshots for each category;

- Only new images are allowed for the contest;

- Image links should be submitted in one post. Please, specify the category for each image;

- The contest will run until 23:59 June 2, 2014. The results will be posted in a couple of days after the contest;

- The Vostok Games PR Department and Survarium forum administration will study and review all the submitted screenshots.

And now for the prizes!

1st place – 1500 Golden rubles + 1 invite code for your friend
2nd place - 1000 Golden rubles + 1 invite code for your friend
3rd place – 500 Golden rubles + 1 invite code for your friend
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by Андрияш Козловский
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15.05.2014, 18:12

Recently we selected some of your suggestions for the game and put them forward to our developers. We greatly encourage community interaction and welcome your ideas and suggestions. So please, feel free to keep the ideas streaming in. In the appropriate threads of course! Enjoy!

1. Make the players colloidal. Not “ghosts” that you can simply run through.
We plan to make the enemies colloidal. Your teammates will remain ‘ghosts’ though, just in case they might block your way, so you don’t get stuck.

2. Players who teamkill to complete missions like “find and deliver 2 batteries” should not be able to complete the mission.
This is a planned feature in the game already, expected with one of the future updates to the game.

3. Add some type of birds to the PvP game mode. Crows for example. This will add a lot of atmosphere.
Not planned. Just for the sake of not adding extra load to the servers.

4. In the lobby, when players are in a match, make it say so on the friends list. This way people can avoid clicking “invite to platoon” while people are away from the lobby.
It’s on the plan list.

5. Add wind to the locations. Moving the grass and the trees and even the angle of the rain.
Visual features of that sort are on our plan list, just no time yet to integrate them properly. They will be added to the game as soon as possible.

6. Add the option to play 3vs3, 5vs5 and 10vs10 in the PvP game mode.
We only plan to have it 10vs10 in PvP.

7. Create a system of “voting” for a player or players that constantly spawn camp. This way, a player can simply choose the function key, select the players name and “report” them for spawn camping. After a while, the players who are reported over and over will eventually be grouped together by the match-making and this will keep them out of matches where people want to play properly.
The report feature is planned, to be added with one of the future patches.

8. The Moison rifle is almost useless. You can shoot someone point blank and nothing will happen. Maybe improve its damage slightly
We keep track of the detailed stats, including the weapons stats etc. So be assured, we will keep balancing the guns as much as necessary.

9. How about if collected artifacts would appear on player's belts. It would be cool visually. When activated, only the artifact itself would glow or there may be two modes of glowing, like two modes of artifacts. In "passive" mode - only glowing point, one for each artifact. In "active" - glowing aura (whole player or backpack/container only). Aura should be spottable from the short distance only. Aura's colour may be mixed, when using more artifacts at once.
Sorry, no.

10. There should be a goggle slot that is used to equip possible items like: sunglasses(0 sun glare), NV goggles(night vision), thermal goggles(infrared goggles), military goggles(bulletproof eye area), airtight goggles(isolation and clarity in toxic fog), high tech specs(unique, bigger, brighter and more informative hud), head-mounted binoculars(zoom in without a scope) and(possibly) hippie glasses(everything is funky but anomalies and such are very obvious) and more. What do you guys think? I believe it would give Survarium a more unique feeling, especially with load outs, and give the game more of the "improvised apocalypse gear" feeling.
Face slot is designed for that.

11. The possibility for the player to lean.
Not planned.

12. The military Vest: This vest gives amazing armour and it has "many pouches for ammo and equipment" I suggest turning it into more of a tactical vest for using much equipment and then later on adding in an armoured vest. It’s not good that it is such a multi role item.
Sorry, no.

13. Every player is a potential sniper, this leading to over usage of snipers. Most people has the Remington as sidearm to their AK's.The sniper role is to provide counter-sniper support and covering fire/protection of points of interest and I think it would be better to have a few snipers dedicated to just sniping and doing that job, giving them only a pistol or weak-range submachine gun would encourage/force them to stay back and tend to their role as long range support, as well as giving them a fighting chance is they are rushed and need to fight close quarters.
The issue of carrying a Remington and an AK at the same time etc. has already been resolved. It Will appear in the game soon.

14. Faction related-skills: Examples: Scavengers: Would get a skill for seeing longer/clearer due to experience from having to spot and find things.
Black Market: Would get a skill for endurance/pain tolerance due to gang-like conditions where people get beaten up.

Renaissance Army: Would get a skill to increase damage/accuracy due to military training.
Fringe Settlers: Would get a skill for climbing/mobility/parkour due to having to navigate the forests.
We have no such plans for the moment.

15. Armour Balance should be taken into account. For example: BM heavy armour weighs the same as the RA heavy armour with the RA offering far more protection. There should be a weight penalty for greater protection.
More advanced items are meant to have better characteristics, while weighing the same as less advanced ones. It’s okay.

16. A “BEEP” or some kind of sound notification when you have entered battle (to help avoid accidental AKFs) as many of us Alt-Tab back to Windows while waiting for a match.
This is planned, yes.

17. Instead of a secondary, you should be able to equip a specific tool that each does something unique. They would replace secondary weapons but they don't take up space for ammo. Some "tools" could be:
Handheld O2 tank: 1/4 the capacity of the normal oxygen tank.
Rappel Rope: Go down without fall damage.
Blowtorch: Can kill enemies at melee range, hearts up boxes temporarily so enemies can't pick them up.
Ballistic knife: A normal knife, except it can launch the blade out.
You should use the dedicated tool/equipment slots for that.

18. Adding “Free Aim” To implement it we have to remove the crosshair and the hit indicator and allow the weapon to aim on things that are not in the centre of the screen. If you still don't know what I'm talking about here is a video of Red Orchestra showcasing it: As a result there will be less run and gun and it will slightly slower the gameplay since your are more bound to the iron sights and you don't have a crosshair. You can still hippfire and be effective but it will be harder and more risky.
We don’t plan to implement such a feature.

19. A Suggestion to help lessen spawn camping: Variable kill rewards.
Divide the map into 2 sectors (halves) and add a points modifier so that you get full points for any kill made within your half, and then exponentially less the closer you get to the enemy base. At the same time, points for any boxes found within your own half are lessened, whilst points for boxes found in enemy territory or stolen from the enemy base are increased.
We don’t think this will really help resolving the spawn camping problem. We are going to curb the problem differently.
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by joewillburn
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10.05.2014, 08:51


The Survarium Founder Packs will be on sale for just 2 more days!
Make sure you get yours before time runs out! If you want a "Collector's Edition" of the game, this is the best way to do it! As a side perk you'll be granted instant access to the closed-beta of the PvP game mode!
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by joewillburn
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14.02.2014, 14:45

Friends! Today we are starting contest specifically for our Beta testers, “Guidelines for Beginners (educational screenshots): Participants must take a screenshot, and then – add his/her instructions that explain some aspect of PvP- mode in Survarium. It may be basic aspects that explain how to use the menu of tasks, or store inventory, and more sophisticated tactical moves in certain places.

1) From one participant - one set of numbered screenshots (or slideshow lasting no more than a minute).
2) Screenshots are to be posted (as a new thread) in the “Beta Contest” section of our forum (each participant must create a separate thread for their entry)
3) The contest will last 2 weeks - until 28 February 2014, At 23:59 Moscow time. The contest topic will be closed and we will proceed to determine the winners.
4) We will announce winners during the week after the competition has ended
5) Awards: 1st place - 5000 golden rubels, 2nd – 2500 golden rubels, 3rd - 1000 golden rubels.

Good luck!
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by joewillburn
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05.02.2014, 20:50

Through the entire January the team have been working full-throttle to update the current Beta of Survarium and finally, we are happy to inform a big content patch upgrading the game to version 0.19a has been uploaded to the game servers.

The technical improvements and bug fixes aside, the game obtained a lot of new stuff: we considerably modified the user interface; factions now give tasks to the player, and by accomplishing those tasks the player receives rewards and increases his reputation with the faction; artifacts the player can now locate and use in battle are sure to add more variety to the gameplay.

On a separate note, with the launch of 0.19 we have zeroed the progress of all the players to the state of new players, which will allow refreshing the feel of character development and adding the competing interest when accomplishing the game tasks for the Closed Beta participants.

Check the full list of changes in the 0.19a version below:

Version 0.19a
With the release of 0.19a update we have zeroed the progress of all the players to the state of new ones.
This reset has affected the player's experience , in-game money , game items, player rating.

General changes :
- Artifacts have been added to the game. To raise an artifact, you need to be equipped with an artifact container;
- Lobby interface redesigned completely. Part of the secondary windows remain in the old form yet (eg the "Options" );
- Game tasks from the faction added. By accomplishing quests you gain reputation with the appropriate faction and move up the career ladder within it;
- Now the game items in the store require a certain reputation with the faction selling the item;
- The mechanism of equipment autorefill changed. Now this is an option that affects all the replenished items equipped on the player (ammo, first aid kits, grenades , traps , etc.);
- License Agreement window added when you enter the game first time;
- Sounds of hitting the opponent added. If your bullet pierced the body armor of the enemy, the sound hit will differ.

Changes to the game balance:
- The spawn locations on Tarakanovsky Fort" map changed ;
- The anomalies on School and Vostok Radar Base changed;
- The formula for damage calculation when wounded with fire arms changed. If the bullet does not pierce the body armor, the minimum damage is applied ("protection" parameter in the body armor). Maximum damage is applied if the armor piercing parameter of the bullet is twice higher than the armor vest’s ;
- Complete rebalance of weapons and armor by the new formula made;
- The effectiveness of the respirator and the oxygen container reduced ;
- Reduced the damage of fall from a height ;
- Parameters of piercing and ricochet for the level elements ;

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the bug that caused the resyncs when using grenades;
- Fixed the bugs that caused resyncs when jumping;
- Fixed the game freeze bug at the stage of splash screens when loading the game;
- Fixed the critical error occuring if you do not assign a key to use the quick access slots ;
- Fixed the bug that caused the death of a character when staying in crouch for a long time;
- Fixed the player getting stuck at complex geometry;

P.S. The current update contains a known bug which causes downloader freeze for several minutes when switching the download type from torrent-connection to the direct download on the x32 systems.
We are working to fix this bug, however we don’t want to delay the patch release because of it.
For the moment, we recommend you not to switch the type of connection.
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by Yava
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31.12.2013, 16:55

Dear Survivors!
Here at Vostok Games we would like to wish you a marvelous New Year!
As a little present, we'll be giving away 1000 Closed Beta invites tonight. The invites will be spread randomly among those who applied for the test.

Have fun and enjoy the holidays!
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by Yava
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30.12.2013, 20:30

A year has passed since the posting of the project development timeline and it is time we drew up the quick summary of what has been done and what not, so as our plans for the upcoming year.

Read on here:
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by Yava
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27.12.2013, 21:08

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions. Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs...(click the link below to read more)


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by joewillburn
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