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22.02.2018, 18:03

Play Survarium and get double experience and reputation for every single match! These bonuses stack with Premium accounts, booster packs and premium items, but are cumulative, not multiplicative. For instance, you will get x2.5 reputation and experience with Premium for any victory: x2 because of the event and another x0.5 due to having a Premium account.

The event starts at 11:00 AM GMT tomorrow (23 February 2018) and ends at 08:00 AM GMT on Monday ( 3rd March 2018). Take this change to level up your character and reach the highest rank in your faction! Good luck Survivors!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Receive Double XP and Reputation during the Weekend!

01.02.2018, 11:40

Leagues Season has started and will continue until February 28th! Take part in the ranking battles to earn maximum of tokens and obtain unique weapons and gear, including the new exclusive tier 5 Delta set.

To participate in the ranking battles tier 2 equipment is required as minimum. The match making is going in two groups. Group 1: 2nd and 3rd equipment tiers and group 2: 4th and 5th equipment tiers. For example, when entering a ranked combat with the 4th tier of equipment on your character, you will enter a match where the players with 4th and 5th equipment tier will be present.

Just as in the previous season, you can reach rank #1 with the 3rd equipment tier. Also in the ranking matches the Slaughter play mode and the Mamaev Kurgan location are disabled.

When losing a match and ranking stars your rank could be lowered, however no less than the 5th. Note: you could slide down from rank #1.

If the ranking match search has been disabled for you – open the ‘Season League’ tab (the cup icon in the upper right corner) and return to lobby or restart the client.

Good luck in the ranking battles!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Participate in the New Survarium Leagues Season!

11.12.2017, 17:15

In parallel with the development of the first Team Mission in Survarium 0.50 we started working on one more important feature which we planned to improve for a long time. We are talking about the modding of weapons! Read the details below on which changes are being made and what to expect in the Survarium 0.51 update.

The weapon module system will be considerably expanded: each module will become a separate item, which you can install on your weapon. Previously to install a module you’d need to accomplish a certain number of kills with the weapon - a similar principle will be preserved this time, although instead of specific module you will unlock a slot where the suitable modules can be installed. This said, the required number of kills to unlock a slot will be decreased. In case you want to save time to unlock the weapon slots, you can still do it instantly with gold.

In Survarium 0.51 we are steering the weapons modification to a more realistic look, therefore on certain weapons some modules, non-typical for that weapon have been removed. Whereas on other guns, new customization options have been added. Our plans are to keep advancing the weapon modification system with a focus on realism, as well as expanding the number of modules available in line with the requests from the players.

On top of changing the mechanics for unlocking slots and installing modules, in Survarium 0.51 we have the module modifiers reworked. Thus, for all the modules we provide two parameters impacting the weapon characteristics, for example, recoil and slowing down in aim. Or effective distance and time to aim. There’s a variety of options applicable. This said, each module could be a common, a rare or a legendary one. The better the module, the better are the characteristics applied.

How do you find the weapon modules? You get those when winning in PvP matches, as well as locate them in PvE stashes. The modules will also be available for purchase in the in-game shop or located among the treasure hunt trophies.

All the manipulations with the weapon modules will be made in the Workshop. Depending on the weapon type, one slot could have up to 6 different modules installed. Some modules will be installed on top of each other, but in most cases the current module has to be replaced with a new one. The former could either broken (for free) or preserved at a cost.

The already installed modules on your weaponry will be transferred to the new system. Besides, part of the weapon characteristics previously linked to the modifiers will now be fully transferred onto the modules. Therefore, in such cases we will preserve the parameters of your modifiers and add those to your weapon’s modules. Thus, we will largely ensure to preserve your weapon’s characteristics in the new system.

The key advantage of the new weapon modules system will be its huge number of variations and freedom of choice for the player. You will be able to modify and adjust not only the weapons characteristics but also its looks in line with your preferences. Note, such implementation is not final and the system will be improved with further updates. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback on the forum and social networks!

In addition, the Survarium 0.51 update will introduce a special Christmas event. This time we would like to offer something totally new, so we do recommend you check out the 0.51 update and take part in the holidays event. All the details about the event will be shared later.

In Survarium 0.51 update you can expect other smaller improvements and changes too. For example, a possibility to capture in-game screenshots with a hotkey (images will automatically be saved to ..\Survarium\Screenshots folder). More to be disclosed soon.

That’s everything for now. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon in Survarium Update 0.51!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.51 Preview

24.11.2017, 14:14

Play Survarium during the weekend, win in matches and get additional experience and reputation!

Each victory doubles the experience and reputation you get for the match. These bonuses stack with Premium account, booster packs and premium items, but are cumulative, not multiplicative. For instance, you will get x2.5 reputation and experience with Premium for any victory: x2 because of the event and another x0.5 due to having a Premium account.

The event starts at 02:00 PM GMT today, November 24 and ends at 10:00 AM GMT on Monday, November 27. Level up your character and climb to the highest rank in your faction!

Have a good weekend and good luck in battles!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Receive Double XP and Reputation during the Weekend!

17.11.2017, 15:43

Survarium Update 0.50c is now live! Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.50c

Ranking matches

- The minimum level of equipment to reach 1-3 rank is reduced to 3. The match making remains the same: [2-3] and [4-5].

Team missions

- Fixed the abuses allowing players to complete the mission very fast;
- Due to previously existing abuses, the results of the team leaderboard table have been reset now. Each player listed in the table will receive 200 spare parts per account as compensation;
- Added new placements for the loot boxes;
- Stash maps added to the pool of aftermatch rewards on average and difficult levels of difficulty in the Team Missions mode.

The results of "The Charge" contest will be counted from November 17, 2017, 04:00 PM (GMT + 2), since new locations for the appearance of loot boxes have been added.

In addition, some results were achieved using the vulnerabilities in the mission. Players to have already submitted their contest applications will receive 2 stash maps as compensation.
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Patch 0.50 is Live. Play Now!

01.11.2017, 16:24

Survarium Update 0.50b1 with the Halloween lobby is now live! Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.50b1

General changes

A Halloween-themed lobby has been introduced for the duration of the event as well as some special offers on the Team Missions access tokens.

So, from November 1 till November 7 we offer a 60% discount on Team Missions access tokens, while the cost of inviting a player, blocking a squad slot and respawning inside the mission is lowered from 50 to 20 gold!

More good news for Halloween: after spending your 2 free access tokens in the Team Missions mode you can earn your new ones without waiting until the next day. Keep getting your free access tokens for each PvP match you play (at a time the player can have no more than two free tokens, however those can be spent and received again at no limit).

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bugs that caused the "Find match" button to work incorrectly;
Fixed bugs that did not show the location of the "supposed" trap setup (mines, C-4);
Corrections in the Ukrainian localization of the game.
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Patch 0.50 is Live. Play Now!

31.10.2017, 12:31

Halloween in Survarium is currently active! The event lasts one week: from October 31 to November 6. During the event you will receive additional currency for completing missions: pumpkins, spiders and skulls. Collect enough of those and exchange them for the unique halloween weapons!

We'd like to make you all aware that you can also find the special in-game Halloween currency in caches during the your play-through of the PvE mission, Dangerous Knowledge.

You can get TOZ-122 "Hunter" (2nd equipment tier), H&K MP5 "Bloodlust" (3rd equipment tier) and Glock 17 "The Hallowed Night" (4th equipment tier).

Moreover, for the first victory during the Halloween event you will get a magical pumpkin hat. Put on the hat to receive more pumpkins, spiders and skulls for the missions! Premium account increases the amount of currency as well.

TOZ-122 "Hunter" ... 25x520.png

H&K MP5 ... 25x520.jpg

Glock 17 ... 25x520.jpg

Gather enough currency and exchange it for the weapons with unique Halloween camouphlages and unlocked modules! Participate in the festive event and get unique prizes! Good luck!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Halloween Event in Survarium has Begun!

24.10.2017, 09:53

Starting at 09:00 AM GMT today, October 24, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.50ac. The expected downtime is about two hours. Login and registration on the website also might not work for the duration of maintenance. We will let you know as soon as the servers are back online, so you are able play the game. As usual, players with premium accounts affected by the downtime will be compensated for the length of maintenance.
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.50 Preview

19.10.2017, 16:27

Watch the video of the first CO-OP (PVE) mission on our official YouTube channel!

The first mission is called "Dangerous Knowledge" - It will centre around the revelry between the Black Market and Renaissance Army factions and will also raise the curtain revealing the top secret scientific experiments that led to the advent of the Forest.

Learn more about the first (CO-OP) PvE mission, after reading the update preview!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: CO-OP (PVE) Mission #1 Trailer

02.10.2017, 15:54

After the release of update 0.47 and a new training mission for beginners, our team set a goal to give players the opportunity to complete a full-fledged CO-OP gaming mission. And although we are still in the first stages of PvE (CO-OP) development, over the past two months we managed to achieve significant progress in developing what is fundamentally a different game experience for players. Therefore, we decided that the next update of the game will be a version 0.50, in the center of which is the first PvE (CO-OP) story mission.

The first mission is called "Dangerous Knowledge" - It will centre around the revelry between the Black Market and Renaissance Army factions and will also raise the curtain revealing the top secret scientific experiments that led to the advent of the Forest.

Survarium: Screenshot of the first PvE (CO-OP) mission ... 9x1079.jpg

Here's what will be included in Update 0.50

Exclusively for this new PvE (CO-OP) mission, we created a new map with a large number of both open and closed spaces.

The task we set for ourselves was to bring into the game an element of exploration and interaction between characters and the game world.

To complete the mission, you will need a squad of three people: you can invite your friends, or use matchmaking to join with random players. The mission can be accessed at any of five levels of equipment and has three difficulty levels.

Playing the team mission, not only you’ll become acquainted with the story line, but also will be able to find special caches with rewards given to the squad at the end of the mission if you are victorious.

Now a few words about gaining access to the mission. To enter, you will need a special badge token. After the release of the update, you will get the initial stock of tokens. Later, your tokens will be replenished to the maximum of two on everyday login.

To pass the mission, you must complete a series of tasks. It is enough for at least one of the three players to reach a check point: in this case, the remaining members of the unit are respawned and can continue to play. If all three player players are killed, the mission is lost. Remember that the time for the mission completion is limited.

What we plan to implement in the future

- Continue to improve CO-OP mechanics;
- Improved AI and NPCs;
- Additional challenges with increased difficulty and unique rewards.

That's all for today. Soon you will be able to try the first PvE (CO-OP) mission in Survarium. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.50 Preview

05.09.2017, 12:21

Survarium Patch 0.47d is now live! Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

Also read the list of changes in Survarium Patch 0.47 in case you missed it.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.47d
New Seasonal Leagues

- Each season lasts for one calendary month and starts automatically on the 1st day of the month (with the exception of this season which starts with the release of Survarium 0.47d).
- Each season all player ranks are reset (to rank 10).
- When a season ends you receive tokens - a special currency. The higher rank you were able to achieve, the more tokens you get in the end of a season.
- With tokens you can purchase unique items in "Equipment" tab.
- New tab "TOP 100" with the best 100 rank 1 players is available in the league menus. These players get an additional reward when a season ends: a unique icon displayed next to their nickname (in chat, in match and post-match statistics) durin the next ranked season.
- Changes to the ELO rating system: at the beginning of this new season we will take the average of both the ELO rating of the last season and the ELO rating in regular battles.

Weapons and Equipment
New Items

- Added the first few of the unique items available only for league tokens. Those are Mauser M.712 pistol (tier 2) and three backpacks: Medic's Bag (tier 2), Universal Tank (tier 3), Soldier's Backpack (tier 5).
- Added new premium Mauser M.712 "Black Harvest" pistol (tier 2).

Assault Rifles

- AK-74N: damage decreased from 37 to 36, stopping power decreased from 60% to 50%, initial recoil increased.
- FN FNC: slow down decreased from 10% to 7%, initial recoil decreased.
- MSBS Radon: damage increased from 29 to 30, initial recoil decreased.
- L85A2: damage increased from 32 to 34, slow down increased from 8% to 10%.
- 9A-91: damage decreased from 36 to 35.
- AK-12: recoil increased by 10%.
- ASh-12: initial recoil decreased, further recoil increased.
- FN SCAR-H: initial recoil decreased.
- VHS-2: damage increased from 28 to 29.
- VSS: decreased recoil from the 5th to the 10th bullets.

Sniper Rifles

- TOZ-122: damage increased from 130 to 135, distance decreased from 65 to 60.


- Pellet dispersion of all shotguns when shooting from the hip and aiming down the sights increased by 20-25%.


- Gold to silver exchange rate now depends on maximum faction rank of your character. 1 gold can be exchanged for 200/300/400/600/800 silver on equipment tiers 1/2/3/4/5 correspondingly.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue when a battery was falling through the map if the character carrying the battery was killed.
- Fixed an issue when you could get the same mission after a reroll.

See you on the battlefield!

by Survarium DevTeam
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.47 is Live. Play Now!

17.08.2017, 10:27

In late July, we organized a collection of questions for the developers of Survarium.

Today we publish answers to some of them.

Read the interview below!

Do you plan to change or improve the system of weapon modules?

Indeed, the current system of modules is not much different from modifiers and does not allow you to intensively upgrade your weapons. In our plans - to introduce a new system of modules. The idea is that the modules become separate items that can be installed on any weapon where they can physically be installed. For example, you can choose your favorite collimator for your favourite rifle not pre-set. In addition, the modules will have different degrees of rarity and you will need time to get the most useful ones. Such a system requires substantial designing of the game, so it is difficult to talk about the timing of its appearance. Let's just say that we plan to make it a feature in one of the following updates.

What about CO-OP mode?

We are working at full speed on the new mode and are planning to present the first PvE (CO-OP) mission in the next big update. The training location provided the basics for this mission. In the end, we will try to give players a full-fledged single-player experience.

So far, only one story mission is planned?

At the start there will be one. It is necessary to collect feedback and impressions of the players before moving on. In the future, there will be more of them, of course.

How long must we wait for the revised system of anomalies?

Now we are focused on the first PvE mission. A new anomaly system is also an important task, however, we plan to amend it after the new mode is released. As always, we will inform you about all major changes to the game in advance.

When will the game have a single renderer for all systems? What changes are coming soon?

We expect that one renderer for all systems will appear in late 2017 - early 2018. We hope that nothing will interfere with our plans. As for the next innovations in the new renderer, it will be a global change in the shadows and the addition of the distortion effect. The quality of the new shadows should be better than on the old render, and the FPS - higher. It is worth noting that in the future we plan to add a Dx12 renderer, because of which the game will again have two renderers.

Are there any changes coming? It is sometimes difficult to find the enemy on the map.

Yes, we plan to redesign the lighting and all the basic textures of the game. In more technical terms, a transition to a new material model and a completely new physically correct implementation of the lighting model is planned, with the abandonment of the rudiments of the old renderer. Active work in this direction has already begun.

Are night locations planned in Survarium?

We have this idea. We have even tried to set up a similar situation for internal testing. So far, the results do not please us very much, so it's too early to talk about its appearance in the game. As soon as there is something to show the players, we will definitely do it.

What improvements to bots are planned in the near future?

In the near future bots will start using information about their deaths and will also search out those locations where they were most killed.

Are there any plans for more events?

Recently we organized a separate group of people, which will deal exclusively with the development of game events. We would like to focus on events that change the game experience and bring something new to game, and not just force players to exchange their time for rewards.

When are you planning to add the last two branches of skills development?

Note that we are not satisfied with the current skills system, so in one of the next big updates we plan to completely rework them. In the new system, skills will be more like perks / talents. As, for example, the current perk "Terminator". Each skill will give the player a new opportunity in the game, and not just slightly change the performance.

When will the mutants appear in the game?

They will appear in the next mode, but not in the first missions. We can say that they are at an early stage of development.

Are there a new developer diary video planned for the release of the new mode?

Yes, we plan to create new diary video.

Thank you for your interest in the game! See you on the battlefields of Survarium!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: READ: Survarium PvE & Features Interview

16.08.2017, 10:00

Make your very own Coub videos in a humorous style and stand a chance to win gold, premium vouchers, as well as spare parts for weapon and equipment modification!

Read the full competition rules below:

Make a Coub and give it a name. Do not forget to write in the title: "This is SURVARIUM (" and be sure to specify the #survarium hashtag;
The video should contain gameplay from Survarium, as well as the relevant fragment of any film relevant to the plot;
In addition, you can use any musical accompaniment in your video;
Leave a link to a video in the forum;
Place your Coub on your social networks page with a direct link to the official Survarium website:
An unlimited number of entries will be accepted from one participant, but links to them must be in one message;
Work should not violate the rules of the Survarium Community and Survarium;
Videos should be made by you and not earlier than the beginning of the competition;
The competition runs from August 16 to September 1 (inclusive).

1000 gold + 5 stash maps + 200 parts;
800 gold + 4 stash maps+ 150 parts;
600 gold + 3 stash maps + 100 parts.
In addition, the work of the finalists will be on the official coub-channel of Survarium

Participate in the contest and win prizes!
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by joewillburn
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Topic: Participate in the Survarium Coub contest!

14.07.2017, 15:29

Play Survarium during the weekend, win in matches and get additional experience and reputation!

Each victory doubles the experience and reputation you get for the match. These bonuses stack with Premium account, booster packs and premium items, but are cumulative, not multiplicative. For instance, you will get x2.5 reputation and experience with Premium for any victory: x2 because of the event and another x0.5 due to having a Premium account.

The event starts at 04:00 PM GMT on Friday, July 14, and ends on Monday, July 17. Level up your character and climb to the highest rank in your faction!

Have a good weekend and good luck in battles!
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by Yava
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Topic: Receive Double XP and Reputation during the Weekend!

14.07.2017, 11:58

Today we have some fantastic news for you. Following your multiple requests, we have officially launched SEA regional server for Survarium. We will continue to gradually expand our network of game servers to ensure a much smoother play experience for everyone worldwide.The SEA server is expected live by the end of the day today Kiev time and will be selectable in the lobby menu server section.

See you in the game!
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by Yava
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Topic: Survarium Launches SEA Server!

21.06.2017, 09:38

Recently the weapons and equipment system in Survarium underwent a major change. We understand that some players, and especially beginners, need time to get used to the new innovations in the game.

We hope that our new video will help players adapt faster and improve their personal performance. Watch the instructional video and subscribe to our official channel to make sure you never miss out!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Video Guide: Weapons and Equipment

13.06.2017, 14:50

Over two months passed since the release of Survarum Update 0.46, and it’s time to tell you about the new features soon to be introduced into the game. Update 0.47 is just around the corner, and today we talk about the key changes the Survarium team is preparing for you.

Story-driven Tutorial Mission
We continue to improve the first steps of the newcomers and for this created a brand new tutorial mission explaining basics of the game. The mission has a location made from scratch, including new anomalous trees, buildings, and landscape. Hopefully this mission will be interesting not only to the new players, but for Survarium veterans as well. The mission will be available to all players from the menu.

Game Mode: Slaughter

For the fans of action-packed battles we are introducing a new experimental game mode called Slaughter. The idea is simple: fight as a pit lion and kill as many opponents as possible in the given time. You will battle on the smaller maps (we use current Survarium locations, but only parts of those are available in this mode) in team deathmatch mode, so expect to see maximum action and a lot of kills per minute.

New Weapons
Survarium Update 0.47 introduces a new tier 5 shotgun KS-23 which is available as a trophy in Treasure Hunt. There are two versions of KS-23, using slugs and shells respectively.

We are also adding a rare PPSh with a drum magazine (unlike its unique V-E Day counterpart, this one won’t have a special red camo). As usual, you can weapons in the Shooting Range (option available from the weapon context menu in the shop if you don’t own a weapon) and decide which ones you like better.

Changes to the Equipment Profiles

Since Survarium Update 0.46 release equipment profiles were one of the hottest topics on Survarium forums and social network pages. The polls we conducted and your numerous messages indicate that we do need to change the system further, and we are happy to do that in Survarium Update 0.47.

By default all players, even the ones with the Premium Account, will have only one equipment profiles. Up to two additional profiles can be bought using silver, and the profiles you buy are yours forever!

To compensate for the equipment profiles, we will be adding a new bonus for the Premium, increasing a number of spare parts you receive after matches. Moreover, current Premium Account bonus to silver will affect all battle rewards, including medals.

More Maps Variations
After the introduction of maps variations into the game we received a lot of positive feeback from you, so we continue to move in that direction. Expect to see five more variations of the maps in Survarium Update 0.47. two variations of Chemical Plant, two – of Vostok Radar Station, and another one of Cologne Bridge. Thanks to a large variety of locations the game will be more unpredictable, and you will be able to come up with new tactical choices depending on the variant of the location.

Animation of Special Items

For a long time Survarium did not have animation characters using medkits, bandages, and other special items. Not only that made gameplay less realistic, it also was confusing for the players who couldn’t understand why the opponent doesn't die after taking a lot of damage.

Finally, Survarium Update 0.47 will make situation like this more clear: the game will have animations of characters using bandages, medkits and antitoxins. But keep in mind: you won’t be able to shoot during the special item animation, so you need to find a right moment to patch yourself up in a battle. These are only the first steps in this direction: we plan to add more animations of special items in the future.

Aside from the changes mentioned above, Survarium Update 0.47 will have more other improvements including weapons rebalancing, new booster mechanics, and other interesting features. Stay tuned for more news about the test version of Survarium 0.47 on the PTS!

by Survarium DevTeam
Forum: News
Topic: Survarium Update 0.47 Preview

31.05.2017, 13:32

Hi everyone!

There is new FAQ for you, guys!

Q: It looks like the issue with texture flickering on the renderer for slow PCs hasn’t been fixed by 0.46e4, can you comment please?

A: In case you have texture flickering on the renderer for slow PCs we can recommend to set resolution scale at 100%. This is a temporary solution. We are working further to get it fixed.

Q: When can we expect a new preview of the next update?

A: We plan to deliver the Survarium update 0.47 preview next week.

Q: Are you planning to change the movement speed of the characters using different sets of equipment?

A: Yes, we plan to reduce movement speed a bit in Survarium 0.47.

Q: Can we expect any changes with the OLD weapons?

A: Yes, expect changes to be introduced with Survarium 0.47 update.

Q: You showed an image of the Anomalous tree yesterday. Will we see it in the tutorial location?

A: That’s right. This Anomalous tree will be a part of the tutorial map. Later similar mutated plants will be added throughout the current PvP maps too.

Q: By the way, is that tree an anomaly?

A: This is rather a part of the environment. Yet, this tree can well damage an incautious player, so beware.

Thanks for your interest to Survarium and let's keep in touch!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Survarium Update 0.46 is Live. Play Now!

26.05.2017, 15:11

This weekend we are having the Stolen Parts event again. During the event you will get a spare part each time you kill the enemy character. The more frags you have over the course of the battle, the more spare parts you get after the match. Bonus spare parts along with the rest of the rewards are awarded after the match ends.

The event starts at 3:00 PM GMT today and will last until May 29, 9:00 AM GMT. Get bonus spare parts and upgrade your equipment to the maximum!
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by Андрияш Козловский
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Topic: Get Spare Parts for Frags on the Weekend!

19.05.2017, 14:12

Since the publication of the interview with Survarium level designers, we’ve been receiving requests from the community to organize yet another interview with the project’s programmers.

We have heard you and prepared a new material featuring Survarium lead programmer Dmitry Yasenev!

See the interview below!

Some time ago the developers informed the community about a new rendering programmer working at Vostok Games. How soon will the users be able to see the results of his work?

We hope it to be quite soon. However, the first results are going to be bug fixes, and only then new features.

In your opinion, which renderer issues should be resolved in the first place?

First and foremost, we’re planning to fix objects flickering on camera rotation and movement, as well as decals shimmering and non-functioning anti-aliasing on low resolutions.

When do you plan to fix the anomaly on Tarakanovsky Fort location? Currently it is easy to aim right through it on new renderer, while the view is obscured on the old one.

It is one of the important tasks that are to be handled by the rendering programmer right after those described earlier. As a temporary solution, we can disable the distortion on the old renderer to even the chances of players using different renderers.

Some players are complaining about FPS drops after the 0.46 update. Would you share your ideas on why it happens and how it can be fixed?

There may be plenty of reasons. Some of them are already resolved by our rendering programmer. The fixes will be included in one of the upcoming updates. Follow the news to be the first to know!

One of the FAQs states the programmers are working on the navigation mesh. Tell us, when are there going to be visible results? Also, some players may be wondering what navmesh is needed for.

From the start navigation mesh has been developed for the character controller to use pre-calculated information instead of trying to compute it by itself every time. It would allow us to reduce the load on the processor, as well as make the controller more comfortable for the players. For instance, it would prevent the camera from going inside the objects and make going up the stairs more comfortable by prohibiting the character from jumping out onto the railing. As for the terms, we wouldn't want to disclose them now to not get ahead of ourselves. I can only say that we’re working on it, and we do understand how important it is for the project.

Don't you think the bots are too hardcore right now? It takes for them only 50 ms to aim, and they don't have any recoil while firing in long bursts. Also, when are they going to learn to avoid anomalies and allies’ traps?

Currently we’re planning to increase the interval between shots in bots. This way they will become less “hardcore”. As for the traps and anomalies, we will most probably teach them to “think” about such things after adapting the navigation mesh for their use.

What bots improvements may we expect in the foreseeable future?

We’re planning to teach them to look in the most dangerous directions, based on the incoming damage statistics. Currently we have the following features implemented: statistics collection, its processing and including the processed data in subsequent matches. We’re hoping for the players to see the results for themselves in the nearest future.

Some players have been experiencing latency fluctuations up to exactly 501 ms. What could possibly be the reason? And when will this unpleasant issue be fixed?

There may be various reasons to this problem. For instance, it may have something to do with the ping increase, high lost packages count or low computer performance.

You’ve stated earlier that there was no need for a server-side anti-cheat with the Battleye service installed. Haven't you changed your opinion since then?

No, it hasn't so far. We must note though that we’re monitoring the situation and are ready to respond to any changes.

What is going to happen to 32-bit systems in Survarium?

We’re planning to abandon them altogether, since they're stalling the implementation of the new resource-consuming features.

What is your advice to the players experiencing technical issues with the game e.g. FPS drops, re synchronization etc?

It’s difficult to give advice without reading the match journal. The most logical first step would be to submit the match journal to Support after the game ends and explain the problem in order to receive further directions.
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